Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Nazis  (National Socialist Movement)are coming to my town.  They aren’t coming here alone.  They are hoping to bring a plethora of other white supremacists with them.  They will be gathering on the steps of the Jackson County Courthouse in downtown Kansas City this Saturday afternoon for a public rally and then heading to an undisclosed location to do their more private dirty deeds.

Grass roots organizing by anti-racist activists has been underway to let the white supremacists know they are less then welcome here.  They plan for a counter rally just across from the nazi led rally to let the white supremacist see what Kansas City thinks of their ilk.   

A group of  “liberal” minded citizens with the support of the city and establishment groups has suddenly emerged with an alternate rally far from the scene.  They are claiming the grassroots counter rally planned at the Courthouse will provoke violence.  This plan is  an unfortunate splitting of what should be one big show of resolve against the appearance of Nazis, white supremacist, and other racists in our city.

Scission believes that a disciplined, yet free, counter rally in sight of the white supremacists makes far more sense then holding some festival far from the scene.  Scission believes a large turnout at the Courthouse counter rally is important for any number of reasons, not the least of which is the safety of those counter demonstrating.  It is also important that the white supremacists see what Kansas Citians really think of them, hear directly what Kansas Citians have to say to them, understand that Kansas Citians are not afraid of them.  Scission calls upon those planning the far away event to reconsider or, at a minimum,  to let those who attend their rally know that another event is happening which will express our outrage directly without any intent of violence. 

What follows are various statements from and about the grassroots rally currently being organized for this Saturday at the Courthouse.  The information is taken from several facebook pages helping to put together the Courthouse anti-nazi counter rally.

NOTE: This in no way is meant to scare anyone away. I doubt if anyone coming to confront the nazis does not realize that you never know with these folks. I just want to remind people that whatever your tactics may be, they may not be what the nazis have in mind. We do need to always be prepared for any eventuality, no matter how unlikely. I remember Greensboro and the massacre of five members of the CWP. I was doing anti-Klan stuff at the time as part of my overall work (I was not there). Shit happens.


The Ida B Wells Coalition Against Racism and Police Brutality in Kansas City will stand in solidarity with local and regional allies from Deep Roots United Front, Cat Bloc, Black Bloc, Clown Bloc, ARA, IWW, RASH, SHARP, AntiFa, and all other organizations and individuals who seek to oppose fascism in KC on November 9th. We additionally commit to providing a shuttle service to and from the rally as well as to and from an additional location (such as Platte City) should the rally happen to be moved for any reason. Members will scout the city for stray fascists throughout the holiday weekend. We will also engage in outreach at any events that we view as watering down the spirit of resistance that Kansas City feels towards white supremacists and fascists.

If you would like to help keep Kansas City free of Nazis, please visit the Ida B Wells Coalition facebook page (link below). We will need assistance calling every hotel in the city to make sure they are not harboring Nazis. Details on this campaign will be posted late Tuesday.




The Neo-Nazis have chosen Kansas City, MO. to try to engage in fascist organizing activities. Along with the Ku Klux Klan, they are the most reviled organization in American political life. Because of historic forms of racism and the collapse of the U.S. economy, they want to use social desperation among white workers to push a scapegoating campaign against Black, Jews, Mexicans and others as the "reason" why white people are suffering, and should join the fascist movement, and they want to intimidate us all into silence.

Anti-fascists and anti-racists, the Black and POC communities, and all those who hate what Nazism stands for should never be silent, and we should never give in to fascist and racist criminals. If we say nothing now, the capitalists might even begin to finance such groups to intimidate all of us and drive us off the streets.

We beat back the fascists in Memphis on March 30, 2013, when the KKK promised to send "thousands" of Klansmen to the city and take over. Instead, 1,500 anti-fascists stood together to oppose the Klan. We cannot come to Kansas City, but we are there in spirit. We are proud of the Kansas City Ida B. Wells Coalition Against Racism and Police Brutality. We call on you to give it all you got, and to know that many all over the country and indeed all over the world are watching and support you. We were recently in the United Kingdom, and spoke about the Kansas City protest against the fascists to thousands of anti-fascists who were fighting their English Defense League and other fascist paramilitary organizations.

You must call for support from all over the country, and ask for solidarity letters from groups all over the world, you must prove that you are the real people of Kansas City, not a handful of hated Nazi scoundrels. ALL OUT IN KANSAS CITY, CRUSH THE FASCISTS! THEY SHALL NOT PASS!

Lorenzo and JoNina JoNina Abron Ervin,
acting chairs, Ida B. Wells Coalition,
Memphis, TN.



Update - On Tuesday we will be requesting assistance making phone calls.

This is not just a rally for the NSM movement. This is cosponsored by the KKK, Aryan Nations, and the Sadistic Souls Motorcycle Club. This is like a racism conference, and they have big plans. If we let this type of thing go unchallenged, undoubtedly racists will begin to rally more in this area, teach more classes in this area, and poison the minds of children.

On Oct 30th city council voted to officially tell everyone to stay home and let the Nazis and the Klan and an Aryan motorcycle club called Sadistic Souls just do whatever they want.

We can choose to be over run by racists and let them try to assert power in our city, or we can let them know Kansas City residents are not going to allow them to set up hate conferences.

The rally will be at the Jackson County Courthouse 415 East 12th Street Kansas City, MO 64106

NSM, KKK, etc will be meeting at 2pm to prepare for their demo, so they should probably be starting around 3 or 4. One site said it would start between 4 and 6.


Join the Latino Coalition of Kansas City (LCKC) to stand up against hate and to promote Immigration Reform!

What: Counterrally to Neo-nazi Rally
Where: Jackson County Court House 415 E. 12th St., Kansas City, MO 
When: Saturday, November 9th at 2:00pm

We are one of many groups gathering for a peaceful counter rally of the National Rally being held by the National Socialist Movement and their co-sponsors: Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations and the Sadistic Souls Motorcycle Club.

They are coming to Kansas City to protest immigration reform and racial equality. Let's let them know what Kansas City thinks about that!

Some of you believe as  ...  wrote recently, "The neo-Nazis and Klansmen who will be in Kansas City have First Amendment rights." My response to ...: Really? If so, should they? Should someone really have the right to call for your murder, my murder, the murder of Jews, Blacks, Roma, gays, etc. etc. Really? Do you really think so? Words mean something to these people. They organize around "words." They really would like us off the planet. If you can't even shout "fire" in a crowded theater, why should you be allowed to scream out for genocide on a crowded planet?

So... vibe check!! How is everyone feeling? Scared, excited, sleepy? For those who have never attended this kind of rally, it can be extremely daunting. I think everyone that I know (myself included) contemplated their own mortality before their first anti-klan/nazi/aryan demo. It is common to lose sleep, eat too much or too little, etc, etc, etc, all the things we do when we are extremely stressed.

There is usually no violence at these things though. The police will have a fence or other barrier between us and them and we try to make a ton of noise so that no one can hear the fascists and it is pointless for them to be in our town and they never come back. That's it. The Nazis will do everything they can to create the illusion that they are sane and reasonable people. This means that some Nazis get super pissed off if other Nazis assault anyone in public. There is tons of infighting - these fascist groups and terribly disorganized and it is up to us to assure that they continue to be disorganized. We can make their stupid little display of power into a complete failure and then they will all turn on each other and yell about which one of them screwed up the rally the most. Anyway, how is everyone feeling?

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