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Then there is this anti-abortion group out there that calls itself "Abolish Human Abortion," and likens itself to the abolitionists who opposed slavery.  I'll leave that one for you to mull over for a while.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch the group is driving many in the anti-abortion movement nuts with their over the top rantings, pickets of churches, just downright nastiness.  When anti-abortion groups think you are a bunch of nasty a-holes, even though you are anti-abortion, well, that says something.


I should mention the fact that the group happens to just hate Catholics.  I don't mean they don't just have some bad feelings toward Catholics, they have no use for them altogether.  Catholic anti-abortion activists became livid, for example, when they ran across this posting from a fellow by the name of Toby Harmon on facebook:

Of course, Toby does add the famous line that anti-abortion just love relating to "hating the sin but not the sinners."  I am sure Catholic anti-abortion advocates say this all the time, but they tend to get hot when someone says it about them.

Meanwhile who is Toby Harmon and what does he have to do with anything anyway?

According to some zany outfit called The Crescat, Tony H. is:

...a key founding member of the groupAbolish Human Abortion, a pro-life organization looking to drive a wedge into the pro-life movement by pitting Prots against Catholics apparently.

About Abolish Human Abortion, Crossed the Tiber via The National Catholic Register writes:

There's a group of Christians on facebook who call themselves Abolish Human Abortion. They sell tee-shirts and posters, buttons and bumper stickers and go to pro-life marches to verbally attack Catholic abortion protesters saying things like this: 

“Abortion is legal in America because the Catholic Church and the Protestants are not standing up and fighting against it. Marching does not help end abortion… One sermon a year is not enough. Marching is not enough.” – Todd Bullis (AHA)

Their founding members are from a fringe group of Calvinism known as hyper-Calvinism and believe that only those who share their extremely narrow view of Calvin's writings will be saved. It is unclear to me if they are really pro-life or just using a pro-life front to market their anti-Catholic rhetoric. They address those who don't agree with their version of the gospel as apostate and have made negative comments against several prominent pro-life patriots. The founders of AHA call former evangelicals to Catholic converts by the loving and non-divisive appelation "apostate."

"We do not consider Catholics brothers in Christ or Christians at all. We will not seek unity with a Satanic religious system. The only unity that can come is for Catholics to repent of their false religion and idolatry and repent and put their faith in Christ alone (not rituals, not Mary, nor the Church of Rome or any mere man.)" Toby Harmon,  AHA

These folks are the Jack Chicks of the pro-life movement and have tactics very much like the Westboro Baptist cult. When Catholics are standing up for life at Marches for Life, they are cowering with bull horns in the shadows shouting things like the above and trying to make money selling merch. Supposed pro-lifers like this will only add to the chaos and confusion and will cause much harm to the real pro-life movement, which is made up largely of Catholics.

   Avoid AHA group like the plague they are and spread the word through social media that these folks are cultish charlatans trying to make a name for themselves to attack the Catholic faith, using the pro-life movement as their "Trojan Horse."  Use your twitter account, blogs and fb to get the word out about these sad folks so they don't confuse more people and detract from our efforts to protect the unborn and those at the end of their lives. God have mercy, it's hard enough to stand up for life in this secular culture but now having to be attacked by a cult that believes they are the only Christians and we are satanic.

This would be almost funny if it weren't for some other antics of this zany group uncovered recently by the group known as the Cicada Collective which according to its own web page, an autonomous community-centered group of individual organizers located in North Texas. Working through a reproductive justice framework, we aim to address the barriers and lack of resources regarding reproductive health in our red state by providing a channel of access to the resources necessary for reproductive autonomy. We aim to focus on building accessibility for the communities most often restricted from these resources, with the understanding that people’s varied experiences with reproductive oppression and resistance shape the type of support they need. These communities include but are not limited to: working class people of color, people with both visible and invisible disabilities, undocumented, incarcerated, or criminalized people, sex workers, gender and sexual minorities (queer, trans, and gender non-conforming people), legal minors, and those individuals at the intersections of some or many of these marginalized identities. We strive to draw from our sense of place to act in solidarity with those in our area, hoping to strengthen these pathways of resistance.

One of the services they provide is, "... transportation/lodging possibilities for people in North Texas who are seeking abortions."

What they uncovered on the Abolish Human Abortion facebook page is not funny.

The following is from  THE FRISKY (of all the strange places I have cited, this one is right up there), but I happened to enjoy their write up about this more than the ones from my usual sources.  

Texas Religious Right Now Basically Advocates Kidnapping Women Who Seek Abortions

abortion texas car
Fund Texas Women, a nonprofit that helps support women who seek abortions, has warned that anti-choicers are encouraging members of Christian groups in Texas — where abortion rights have just been gutted — to join an email list of volunteers to take women to abortion appointments. But instead of actually taking women to their abortions, the group Abolish Human Abortion warns, “it’s a wonderful opportunity to minister to an abortion-minded woman for an hour while you DON’T take her to her clinic.”
Or, you know, like, kidnapping.
Via the blog Daily Kos, Fund Texas Women pointed to the Facebook posting by the group, which reads:
Please share this email far and wide among Christian groups.
It’s the email address being used by a group backed by Fund Texas Women and Lilith Fund looking for volunteers to shuttle TX women around for their abortion appointments. Consider volunteering yourself. I’m not suggeting you actually take a woman to an abortion clinic but it’s a wonderful opportunity to minister to an abortion minded woman for an hour while you DON’T take her to her clinic. And hey if you can’t change her mind by the time she gets out of your car and realizes she is at a church and not the clinic she’s missed her appointment anyway
Volunteering to help a woman and then lecturing her in your car, making her miss her appointment and bringing her to a strange location (some random church)? How on Earth do these people call themselves Christians when they treat other human beings so shitty?
Abolish Human Abortion has seemingly responded to media attention about their kidnapping tactic, posing on Facebook this afternoon:
All kidnapping is evil, especially when you take a child to a stranger against her will to mutilate her body.
Way to miss the point.  I’m going to donate money to Fund Texas Women tonight just to spite these people.

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