Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Been dealing with electrical issues today, so no time to comment on the post below.  Barely time to post it.  It comes from Censored News.

Nez Perce Executive Council Arrested Blocking Tarsands Megaload

Wild Idaho Rising Tide

Wild Tide Rising photo

2:30 AM UPDATE: Twenty to thirty remaining, standing Nez Perce tribal members gathered around the tribal flag and sang, as about 20 combined state/county/tribal police confronted them. The majority of protest participants stood on the sidelines in support of this Nez Perce blockade. Traffic started piling up behind the convoy again, and police used their vehicles to push through the crowd that the megaload breached at 2:20 am. This blockade lasted longer than any other regional megaload obstruction since the first tar sands extraction modules rolled from Lewiston area ports on February 1, 2011. People are talking about further blockades on upcoming nights, perhaps in Kamiah

Rising Tide photo
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