Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Are you ready for some country?  

What is this, you may ask yourself, Prairie Home Companion (truth is I have never even heard Prairie Home Companion, but I always think of it as nice little tales from rural America or something).  This tale is nice, but not too nice, not really.  In fact, I guess it isn't nice at all.

What this tale means to me, why I am posting it here, is that it demonstrates what Capital does to each one of us.  We can't get out of it, there is no out to go to,  we are inundated within its grasp.  We are each effected by the ideology of Capital whether we know it or not.  There is no escaping it anymore.  Capitalist production is the death of us.  

This is a story specifically about what happened to the neighborhood.  This is a story about how the Empire, the great big huge Empire, squirrels its way out into the "pastoral" countryside and creates ugliness along with capital.  This is a story that I think the author doesn't even really get totally.  He doesn't get, I bet, that this isn't a matter of going back to the good old days, about Lassie and gramps and Timmy, this is a story that, like so many other bigger and badder stories, should scream out to us, that the time has come to put an end to global capital, not to go backward, but to go forward.  The only way out is to destroy it, the sooner the better.

The following is from the Daily Yonder and I bet you won't find another leftie blog that picks it up and passes it along.

Hope you don't mind.

Hope you get it.

View from the Levee: Heartless Heartland

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