Saturday, May 04, 2013


This week the FBI put Assata Shakur on the Ten Most Wanted List.  Why now, you ask?  Theoretical Weekends presents one guy's answer.

I am Worried

Why did the FBI place Assata Shakur on its list of the Top 10 Most Wanted Terrorist and why did they refer to her as an “absolute threat to America?” What has Assata done to become the first woman ever placed in the top 10? Why at this moment in time? The answer is nothing. Assata has been in Cuba for years, and she has never engaged in “terrorist” activities, so what is the motivation of the U.S.A. government? This is the beginning of a demonization of the left movement and a reinterpretation of the Black Liberation Movement as a terrorist movement. There are grave consequences to this action. It means that friends of Assata can be arrested for concealing information or abetting her if they provide her or her friends with resources. The elevation of Assata to this status is a message that the War on Terror is expanding its definition of “terror” and expanding its definition of “enemies “of this country. This is a foreboding sign, and it is one that should be of deep concern to every America.

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