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If you are Catholic, I mean you no offense with the following post.  I would apply a critical torch to all the "great" Western religions of the Book.  Judaism, Islam, Christianity, all of your houses are burning and all of you have a whale of a lot for  which to apologize  and for which to  beg forgiveness.  You have all damaged us and you have all damaged our world and not one of you have come anywhere near to living up to the good side of what you preach, but you do a damn good job living up to the bad.  

But today it is the Vatican to which the world's media madness turns.  The red robbed cardinals and the sistine Chapel, and the puffs of smoke all make for a good show as we wait for a bunch of old men to pick one of their own to speak on behalf of God to all of us and let us know all that we are doing wrong and order his minions to follow his instructions to the letter or face a fiery hell.  He will tell us and order them while his house burns, while scandals rack his Church and yet, for some reason expect us all to listen and his minions to follow.  We don't and they don't so much either, not really.  Still while Stalin dismissed the Pope for lacking armored divisions, the truth is he has something much more powerful then that and he simply cannot be ignored.  He isn't going away and many sincerely, and with good hearts, want to believe in him, to believe in something.  We all want to believe in something.

It gets so old.

The funny thing is every now and then, as if by magic, even in the depths of the Vatican, some good old fellow slips through the vetting.  Remember the little pope John Paul I who looked like, just for a minute, as if he might cast a burst of sunlight into the Catholic world.  Well, that couldn't happen.  The mistake had to be rectified.  Couldn't have it.  Thirty three short days later he was dead.

Then came John Paul II and Benedict (the Hitler Youth Pope). 

We can't wait for good popes, good leaders, good Chairmen, a good President, a good General Secretary,  even a good communist party.  We can't be waiting on them. We know that, we all know that in our hearts, by god, we know that.  And yet, most of us, do just that, do just wait, and hope, and pray, and read our texts and issue our manifestos, put on our red berets, Lenin hats, our Mao jackets, our ties and heels, our suits, our Sunday best, our High Holiday attire, our white robes,  yes, even our burkas...and wait...

It gets so damn old.

The Church is the world and the world is the Church and sometimes it all just makes you want to scream.

People it is up to us, to you and to me.  Be religious, don't be religious, call yourself a democrat, a communist, an anarchist, a Buddhist, an atheist, a worker,  a peasant,  whatever, but in the end the future is up to us.  It is not up to some Chief Rabbi, some TV evangelist, some Imam, or some Pope, some damn leader, some know it all Vanguard.  It is up to us.  All up to us.  The MULTITUDES.  Us...

Can I say it again?

It gets so god damned old.

It is up to us.

And now I present you this from someone else who seems a bit pissed off today.



MNN. Mar. 10, 2013. The Vatican is going through hierarchical highs and lows, mostly lows. Picking a new Pope is almost like a funeral to bury the biggest heist of minds and money in history. Notice no women are involved. Millions are flocking to Rome to see the smoke signal. The German former SS officer who made it to the top might even become a saint.
What does this mean?

Live satellite coverage of the occasion in Rome shows nothing but men everywhere wearing dresses. Women are seen among the lay “pilgrims” and the “faithful”. The main visual impression left is that men have done a good job of taking over the world and eliminating women from positions of honor. They are the handmaidens who have the kids, do the scrubbing and baking. Women have to be put down so these men can live with their own impotence. Those dried up celibate cardinals, bishops and priests are not going to keep the world going, that’s for sure. They’re having a tough time just keeping their Church going.  
It’s partly about money to keep themselves on easy street, five star hotels and the jet set lifestyle. They travel the world to secure their land holdings that they never paid for and never paid tax ever anywhere. Their hands are always out to fleece the sheep. 
What's the answer?
Who won?
The sheeple worldwide are waiting for the different color of smoke to come from the chimneys at the Sistine Chapel. They feel comforted that the smoke will continue to be in their eyes, Instead of turning to the fire within their own minds. Christians, it is you that you are waiting for. 
As Jimi Hendrix sang in “House Burning Down”: Well, I asked my friend, “Where is that black smoke coming from?” He just coughed and changed the subject. Said, “Wha’, I think it might snow some”. So I left him sipping his tea and jumped in my chariot and rode off to see just why and who could it be this time. Look at the sky turn a hellfire red. Somebody’s house is burning down, down, down, down.  House burning down

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