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You ask yourself are they just stupid.  You ask yourself are they just murderers.  You ask yourself are they just  insane.  You conclude they are stupid, murderers and insane.  They are the idiots who govern the State of Israel, who dare to act like they somehow speak the truth about anything.  They call themselves Zionists, as do their enemies.  That is letting them off the hook too easily.  Zionism is Zionism, but what we are seeing once again with Israel's assault on the Gaza is quite simply terrorism.  We are once again witnessing the terrorism of the self righteous, of the hypocrites, of the liars, of the cowards.

Yes, rockets were fired into Israel, have been fired into Israel.  Gee, I wonder why?  Is it because Hamas is a reactionary medieval religious movement that on top of everything else has no use for Jews?  No, I don't really think so.  Do you?  

The firing rockets into Israel is the outcome of years of desperation, years of struggle, years of failures, years of peace options and peace plans, years of death.  It is the end result of rational men and women simply reaching the end of the line where there is no rationality left.  They fire these little rockets at Israel because there is nothing else left to do.  It is a form of madness sure to bring the down wrath of old fools sitting in their ruling bunkers in Jerusalem, but it is a madness that is not a result of bad genes.  It is a madness that is a result of reality.

I have had almost no hope for anything positive to happen in the so called Israeli-Palestinian "dispute" for a long time.  I have even less today.

There are criminals here, war criminals here, criminals who are more then willing to kill others and to "lead" their own people to their graves just so they can...WHAT?  I am not sure I even know any more for WHAT.  I am not even sure they know for WHAT.  It is just WHAT they do...

I am a Jew and these leaders of Israel, these mad dogs, are Jews, but we are not of the same Jewish people and we are not of the same species of humanity.    I reject any connection to them.  It is impossible that we share a common history, a common anything.  

Someone else can write about the reactionaries, the fundamentalists, the misogynists Hamas today.  I have written of them before...many times, but not today.  Today I have to scream out at those MONSTERS who dare to call themselves Jews, who dare to call themselves civilized, who dare to call themselves rational human beings.  

I am sick of it!

The post below from the Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre is actually a story about the insane.  It is the story of the murder of a man trying to reach out of the muck, trying to find some peace, and it the story of the maniacs who decided to blow him into a million little pieces.

Activist: Slain Hamas leader engaged in long-term Israel truce talks

RAMALLAH, November 15 (JMCC) - According to Israeli activist Gershon Baskin, Hamas military wing leader Ahmed Jabari, who was killed Wednesday in a targeted Israeli airstrike, had been involved in talks to reach a long-term ceasefire agreement between Israel and the Hamas leadership, reports Haaretz.

Only hours before his assassination, Baskin told the newspaper, Jabari had received the draft of an agreement that Baskin had been instrumental in promoting between Egyptian, Hamas and Israeli leaders.

Baskin told Haaretz on Thursday that senior officials in Israel knew about his contacts with Hamas and Egyptian intelligence aimed at formulating the permanent truce, but nevertheless approved the assassination.

“I think that they have made a strategic mistake," Baskin said, an error "which will cost the lives of quite a number of innocent people on both sides."

"This blood could have been spared. Those who made the decision must be judged by the voters, but to my regret they will get more votes because of this,” he added.

Baskin made Jabari’s acquaintance when he served as a mediator between David Meidin, Israel’s representative to the Shalit negotiations, and Jabari. “Jabari was the all-powerful man in charge. He always received the messages via a third party, Razi Hamad of Hamas, who called him Mister J.”

For months, Baskin sent daily messages in advance of the formulation of the deal. He kept the channel of communication with Gaza open even after the Shalit deal was completed.

According to Baskin, during the past two years Jabari internalized the realization that the rounds of hostilities with Israel were beneficial neither to Hamas nor to the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip and only caused suffering, and several times he acted to prevent firing by Hamas into Israel.

He said that even when Hamas was pulled into participating in the launching of rockets, its rockets would always land in open spaces. “And that was intentional,” clarified Baskin.

In recent months Baskin was continuously in touch with Hamas officials and with Egyptian intelligence as well as with officials in Israel, whose names he refuse sot divulge. A few months ago Baskin showed Defense Minister Ehud Barak a draft of the agreement and on the basis of that draft an inter-ministry committee on the issue was established. The agreement was to have constituted a basis for a permanent truce between Israel and Hamas, which would prevent the repeated rounds of shooting.

“In Israel,” Baskin said, “they decided not to decide, and in recent months I took the initiative to push it again.” In recent weeks he renewed he contacts with Hamas and with Egypt and just this week he was in Egypt and met with top people in the intelligence system and with a Hams representative.

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