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They are not the overall main danger or anything, these nazis and skinheads.  They are not on the verge of seizing the State or anything like that.  However, they are dangerous and many of them are just a bunch of thugs.  I am talking about nazis and white nationalists.

So, it really should not come as a huge surprise when one of these so called people turn out to be one of America's litany of mass murders, especially when the targets of the murders happen to not be white or Christian.  What these people lack in organizational abilities, they sometimes make up for in the depth of their hatred with "nonrandom" violence, which to many seems senseless, but to them seems sensible.  They are out in "defense" of a white nation against the "hordes" of people of color and Jews and other non christians whom they deem unfit for life...and such is their idea of how to go about their ugly task.

So I was not caught by surprise when I learned that the bastard who open fire at a Sikh Temple on Sunday was a nazi skinhead, and a white power band member to boot.   

Six human beings lost their lives in the Sunday act of terrorism.  One white supremacist bum also died.

The first article below is from the One People's Project.  The second is from The National Memo.



WadeWhen it was learned that Wade Michael Page was the shooter at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, just as quickly news came out that he was in a number of WP bands. But more information has come out that says the original belief that he was not part of any actual hate group is very, very wrong. NOTE: You may see a few revisions and corrections here and there as we have this article up. We keep getting more information that we feel we need to add, including who are the rest of the boneheads in the photos we have here.

One People's Project

OAK CREEK, WI--The shooter in the shooting at a Sikh Temple in suburban Milwaukee that killed six people before police gunned him down has been identified as Wade Michael Page, a member of the Hammerskin Nation HSN, the oldest and most violent neo-Nazi bonehead organization in the United States.

According to the Anti-Defamation League website, Hammerskin Nation was formed in Dallas, Texas in the late 80s, adopting the crossed hammers - the symbol used by the fascists in Pink Floyd's the Wall - as their organization's logo. At its peak. HSN was able to boast dozens of chapters across the United States and worldwide. They are best known for holding concerts around the country known as Hammerfest, but also for the murders and other violent acts that have been committed by HSN members over the past 20 years. As of late the organization has lost the strength it once had, and other organizations like Volksfront and the Vinlander Social Club - an organization founded from the remnants of the Outlaw Hammerskins, which were former Hammerskin members that were ousted - came into being.

Pictures of Page with members of HSN as well as some from another organization, the Atlantic City "Skinheads" have surfaced with Page sporting HSN or "Crew 38" patches and insignia, Crew 38 is the support group for the Hammerskin Nation.

Top: Wade Page, far right, with glasses, hangs with some of his fellow Hammerskins. Robert Reznick of Allentown, PA has his arm around him in this pic, and next to them with the semi mohawk is a guy named Jarrett Hausman."Brent" (Rackley?) from Definite Hate/End Apathy is second from right in the top row. Center: Wade Page, far right, sporting Hammerskin patches (you don't wear the Crossed Hammer patches unless you are a full member, but Wade was a probate at the time, so this patch he is wearing reads "Prospect of the Nation") joins Hammerskins on stage. "Brent" is second from left. Bottom: Wade Page, far left again with Hammerskins.

For the record, we are looking to positively ID everyone in these pics, so if you can tell us who's who, drop us a line here.

At the time of his death, Page, 40, was a member of the CHS band Definite Hate, a longtime HSN band that has several Hammerskin-themed albums, including "Hammerfest 2009", and "Murder City Hammerfest 2010" and "Tribute to Hammer Joe", which was dedicated to the late Nordic Thunder singer Joe Rowan, who was killed in 1993 in a Green Bay, Wisconsin convenience store after a white power concert. Definite Hate played Hammerfest 2011 in Tampa, Florida.

In 2005, Page, along with two members of Definite Hate started another band. End Apathy. According to their MySpace profile, End Apathy was based in Nashville, TN and North Carolina, and have several recordings released via the white power distribution company Label 56. In an interview on the Label 56 website, Page noted that after he left his native Colorado in 2000, he had been in other bands prior to End Apathy. "I had the opportunity to play bass with Youngland for 2 years back in 2001 - 2003 and during that time I filled in for various bands on guitar and bass including Celtic Warrior, Radikahl, Max Resist, Intimidation One, Aggressive Force, Blue Eyed Devils," he said. All these bands have been associated with HSN.

Clemie Richard "Rick" Haught
Headed by Clemie Richard Haught, Label 56 is the music outlet for a violent neo-Nazi gang called Maryland State "Skinheads" (MDS). MDS head Jason Tankersley, while more involved with their Mixed Martial Arts arm has some organizational input over Label 56 as well. Label 56 has released a statementon its front page, which claims they've removed all of End Apathy's material from their store and to "not take what Wade did as honorable or respectable and please do not think we are all like that." Label 56 still promotes Youngland, however.

The rest of Label 56's catalog of music that glorifies Nazi concentration camps ("Arbeit- Zum Einen Neuen Licht"), dead neo Nazis ("Joe Rowan memorial concert" and a Skrewdriver tribute CD and metal from well known European neo-Nazis (Lord Wind, Landser, Nokturnal Mortum) is still there.

Label 56 is also promoting on their Facebook page the "European American Heritage Celebration" to be held in Moosic, PA this Saturday. That event is organized by Steve Smith, the former member of Keystone State "Skinheads" who last month became a Republican Committeman for his ward in Pittston, PA.

In addition to Label 56, Tankersley ran Absolute Combat Sports, a Mixed-Martial Arts training outfit from Exile Fitness Center in Rosedale, MD. Absolute stopped operating at Exile sometime this year.


The Milwaukee Shooting And White Noise

August 7th, 2012 7:30 amDevin Burqhart

Long before the shooter walked into a suburban Milwaukee Sikh temple and opened fire, murdering six people before being killed by police, the former soldier reportedly responsible for the horrific attack was loaded with the ideological ammunition to carry out acts of mass violence against people of color.

Wade Michael Page has been identified as the alleged shooter. The exact motivation for Page’s targeting of the Sikh temple is not now known, but his background shows a young man who for over a decade had his head filled with white noise.

After being drummed out of the Army with a less-than-honorable discharge in 1998, Page discovered the white power music scene in 2000. During this period the so-called white power music scene was burgeoning into a multi-million-dollar-a-year international enterprise and the leading recruiting tool attracting a new generation of white nationalist “street soldiers” into the movement.

In those years after the Army, Page travelled the country attending white power music festivals in Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, and West Virginia, and found a home in the movement. He quickly rose in stature by not just being another sieg heiling racist in the crowd, but being up on stage as a popular white power musician. Page claims to have played in some of the most well-known white power music bands in the United States and Europe, including acts like Celtic Warrior, Radikahl, Max Resist, Intimidation One, Aggressive Force, Youngland, and Blue Eyed Devils.
Those racist bands all sound pretty similar, but today white power music music comes in a multitude of genres, from National Socialist Black Metal to Ku Klux Klan Country ballads. It may be packaged differently, but the message is the same: hatred of Jews, Muslims, all people of color and the LGBT community; exhortations to violence and even glorification of genocide.

Take, for instance, the lyrics of one of the bands that Page, the alleged assassin gigged with, Intimidation One, “Die Jew. I hate you. You are nothing but a fool. Line you up, cut you down. Where you belong is in the ground. Choke you hard, slit your throat. Kick you in your teeth. Break your back, hear that crack. I think I’ll break your feet. Slam you down into the ground. You filthy slimy sh-t. Break your nose and your toes. And split your f—king lip.” Another of the bands he gigged with, the Blue Eyed Devils, has a CD entitled Holocaust 2000.

Since the scene developed in the 1980s, white power music followers have perpetrated a long list of murders and mayhem. In 1999, for instance, a young white power skinhead named Benjamin Smith went on a two state killing spree, killing two and wounding over a dozen others before taking his own life. In his car, beside his body and rounds of ammunition, they found CDs from several of the bands with whom Page would later play.

Though no longer growing at the rate it was when Page first joined the ranks, the white power music scene has stabilized and matured. It remains an omnipresent threat in communities across the country, able to erupt at any time. It requires a concerted effort by young people, parents, teachers, and recording industry professionals working together to turn down the sounds of hate before another incident occurs.


Anonymous said...

By the way, Wade Michael Page's rampage is remarkably similar to the February 14, 1977 crime to Frederick Wm. Cowan. Page is the Cowan of the 21st century.
Here are similarities:
Both killed six people
Both had two siblings
both shot in the head
both had military backgrounds
both got in trouble in the military
both had tattoos
both shot the police officer
both shot victims from India
both are white supremacists
both are racists
both are bald
both birth years end with an odd number
both ages in the range of 31-40
both had handguns
both had shootings on the first half of the month
both mother's names are seven letters, (Beverly and Dorothy)
both fathers are retired
both days of birth end with an “1″, (November 11 and June 1)
both have victims over 29
both praised Hitler
both praised the Nazis
both does Nazi salutes
both are racist against non-whites
both have connections to Holmes (Cowan shot Frederick Holmes while Wade Michael Page lives in Holmes Avenue)
both have connections to Fred (Cowan shot Fred Holmes, while Wade Michael Page's friend was a Fred Lucas)
both have connections to James and Holmes (Cowan shot James Green and Frederick Holmes), while 16 days after James Holmes shooting, Wade Michael Page start shooting the people and he died by his own hand.
both shot police officers of Celtic origin, 16 letters long, came from New York, Celtic first names, first names five letters long, middle names five letters long, last names six letters long, both names have five syllables long , both have one biological child, both have a child have five letters long (Allen Bruce McLeod is Scottish, while Brian James Murphy is of Irish origin)
both shoot Indian victims that have the birth years in the 1940s and both came from British India.
both shot at police officers have three letters long (Ray Satiro and Sam Lenda)
both lives are returned to obscurity
and both are gone for good.

Anonymous said...

Also, both shot at police officers have also have names begin with S (Ray Satiro and Sam Lenda)

Anonymous said...

both shot police officers have children (Allen Bruce McLeod have two children and Brian James Murphy have one child).

Oread Daily said...

Are we supposed to conclude ANONYMOUS from your comments that Page is not a white supremacist, a nazi, and it is only coincidence that he has a relationship with the Hammerskins? Is that what you want us to conclude? Give me a break, dude...