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If it walks like a nazi and acts like a nazi, well, damn, maybe it is a nazi

For those of you who like to call those of us who oppose the current Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad lackeys of imperialism and the like, I would like to now return the favor.

As the article below demonstrates many western fascists, nazis, racists and other assorted trogolytes are supporting the regime of Mr. al-Assad.  

Probably not surprising that fascists and their ilk would support the Ba'athists.  After all, as we all know one of the principal founder of the Party was a fellow by the name of Zaki al-Arsuzi.  This founder and theoretician said, that both fascism and Nazism were a great influence on him.  An associate of al-Arsuzi wrote: "We were racists. We admired the Nazis. We were immersed in reading Nazi literature and books that were the source of the Nazi spirit...We were the first who thought of a translation  of Mein Kampf.  Another founder of the Party, Michel Aflaq was also an admirer of Hitler.  He admired Hitler ,for the same reason many of Assad's supporters on the "left" admire him, because he stood up to the USA and Britain.

You are all apparently allies of racists, fascists, and neo nazis.  I mean since you are lineing up behind regime that thinks it is okay to hob nob and seek support from such, and which appears to have been founded on principles like those of the German National Socialists, well, "so"s your old man."

Of course, I don't really think you all are a pack of nazi lovers, not really, but I do grow weary of being called a zionist and an imperialist every time I open my mouth in opposition to some brutal thug somewhere that likes to pretend opposition to the USA and likes to pretend to be some heroic defender of "the people" while usually killing and oppressing "the people," and likes to pretend to be anti imperialist and anti-capitalist while stomping on legitimate communists and other anti-capitalists at home, and offering up some version of capitalism or state capitalism as an economic model.  What a laugh?

So back off...

The following is from lib.com.

Syrian embassy invites Polish Fascists to demonstrate solidarity with Al.-Assad

Syrian embassy invites Polish Fascists to demonstrate solidarity with Al.-Assad

Short news about protest which changed into Fascist event.

26th of August in front of the Syrian embassy two demonstrations took place. The first one was organized by Syrian embassy and its goal was to record it and show in pro-Syrian government that whole world supports Al-Assad. That is why Syrians who live in Warsaw prepared second demonstration to drown the first one.

At twelve o’clock there were only ten pro-government Syrians and fifty anti-government supported by their Polish and Kurdish friends. Polish section of SWP and some anarchists also came.

Suddenly at 1st P.M. on the pro-Syrian side appeard people from All Polish Youth. Only local activists without any leader. This group although known as Neonazi gang nowadays is group of catholic bigots which try to enter mainstream. Last time they started declarating support to Iran government.

A few minutes some strange guy started giving maoist leaflets to Syrians trying to explain that people who were killed in last two days were imperialist agents. Second far right group who supported Al-Assad was Niklot. This is not political group, just association of culture led by Slavic Pagan Neonazis. It is difficult to say why did they join.

But the main role in this spectacle was played by Falanga and their leader Bartosz Bekier (on the picture). Bartosz Bekier is former leader of Mazovian National Radical Camp who was kicked out with all his group because of their strange political views. Although Bekier used to be against all kinds of Communism now he cooperates with Maoists and National Bolshevics. That is why Falanga was officially banned on National Radical Camp actions and was not active in Warsaw for a few years.

This time they came. Bekier had his own megaphone and shouted slogans to people who opposes as “rats go home” and “yankees go home”. Because of this many people whose relatives are persecuted in Syria could not stand it and decided to go.

Only the most militant people stayed. Somebody shouted “Bartosz Bekier, bitch of Al-Assad”. Although Syrian embassy organized Fascist event there was no comments about that in mass medias.

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