Thursday, June 07, 2012


What the hell is going on in the farm fields of America.  Rape is going on, thats what.  Female farmworkers always facing horrendous working conditions also have to deal with sexual assaults and rapes from their bosses.

The even disgusting news, I guess, is that it isn't just the bosses.  Sometimes, women will tell you even their "brother" workers will decide it is okay to harass and abuse women workers, too.

Taking advantage of workers, paid or otherwise, who always are vulnerable to the bosses is taken to a new level when the workers are women.  When the workers are barely surviving doing hard labor to put food not just on their tables, but ours, too, well, you can read the results below.

Women farmworkers are also in no position to report such abuse to anyone.  As Alternet reports, 

... women face--not just institutional sexism but also crippling poverty and discrimination in law enforcement. Women may feel they have little choice but to suffer humiliating treatment and abuse in order to support their families. The consequences of reporting sexual violence can be devastating for the whole household, because the boss might fire both the victim and the family members who work alongside her.

 Although the law should theoretically protect all women from such abuse, immigrant workers are deterred from reporting work-related sexual violence because the law tends to criminalize them rather than treat them as survivors deserving of justice. As federal and state authorities have focused on arresting and deporting the undocumented, immigrant communities have every reason to see police as a source of terror, not protection.

 It should be no surprise that on America’s farms, so many women are treated as less than human, since not even the government sees them as worthy of respect under the law.

I would point out that if you think this is only happening in the USA you are nuts.  Of course, women workers across the world are special targets of the Empire's petty managers and the local representatives of global capital. Capital eats workers for lunch, breakfast, and dinner, chews em up, spits em out.

Some may think the answer is to unionize.  To that I say, I wouldn't place my faith in the bureaucratic trade unions, virtually all run by men.  No, only independent workers organizations, run by workers, joining in cooperation with other organizations created by the multitudes across the world will ever successfully put an end to all this.  The goal isn't labor peace, the goal is workers power.

This report from my old friend Bill Berkowitz and taken from Buzzflash is the sort of things that just makes me want to go outside and scream.

Resistance is not futile.

But it is damn tough.

Farmworkers Face Rape and Sexual Abuse Epidemic in the Fields

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