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I support animal rights and animal liberation.  I know I have comrades in the commie left who think such things are silly, are the provence of bourgeois hippie types who just don't get what "it's all about."  Well, I beg to differ with them.  I am not sure how one can have compassion for just one species on this planet, the human one.  Doesn't make sense to me.  I know commies are supposed to be these cold, hard, disciplined non emotion types.  Doesn't appeal to me.  

Anyway, of all the groups of animals that aren't human that one would think human's might just sort of kind of relate to just a little bit, you would think primates might sort of jump to the fore.  The truth is for some human's that would be just too much to expect.  

All that said, below is some news and some good news.  Both the articles following come from Negotiation is Over.

A Victory for Our Side: Air France Cancels Shipment of Monkeys from Mauritius!!!

Posted by  on January 31, 2012

Within 24 hours of learning that Air France was scheduled to transport monkeys from Mauritius into O’Hare International Airport on Thursday, activists from across the globe have successfully shut down this shipment!!!

According to PeTA:
Within 24 hours, you and others like you managed to generate 68,000 e-mails, thousands of Facebook posts and tweets, and hundreds of calls. Thanks to your fast work and dedication, we are thrilled to confirm that Air France has cancelled plans to deliver these monkeys into the hands of experimenters!
This fantastic show of support proves once again that strength in numbers and coordinated actions can have a huge effect on companies. This victory couldn’t have been possible without your help. From all of us at PETA, a huge “Thank you!” to everyone who helped stop this transport! We are now urging Air France to create a formal policy to prohibit future shipments of primates to labs.


Emails Needed: TAM revealed as new airline involved in the monkey death trade

Posted by  on February 1, 2012
TAM on Facebook
BUAV Press Release
January 30, 2012

The BUAV has uncovered a new airline involved in the transportation of primates for research. Last year, Brazil’s and Latin America’s largest airline, TAM Linhas Aéreas, flew eleven marmoset monkeys from Brazil to the University of Nebraska in the USA.

Thousands of primates are transported by airlines hundreds of miles around the world for the international research industry. Some are trapped in the wild and cruelly ripped from their family groups, whilst others are bred in captivity and confined on large-scale farms. In recent years, an increasing number of airlines have stopped their involvement in the transportation of monkeys destined for research purposes, including in the past months American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines and IBC Airways

The BUAV has highlighted the animal welfare concerns associated with the transportation of primates. Monkeys can endure delays, poor ventilation, noise and temperature fluctuations. Over the years, incidents have taken place around the world where these individuals have suffered greatly or even died during their shipment to laboratories. Conditions that resulted in the death or euthanasia of monkeys imported into the United States during 2009 included pneumonia, enteritis, gastroenteritis, dehydration, weight loss, poor body condition and bacterial infection. Other reported incidents graphically illustrate the trauma experienced by these sensitive animals during their transportation on airlines.

Please contact TAM Linhas Aéreas to urge them to end their involvement in the cruelty and suffering that is intrinsically linked to the trade in primates for research; and to implement a policy as a matter of urgency to stop any future shipments of this type.

Chief Executive Officer and President
TAM Linhas Aéreas
Av Jurandir, 856 – Lote 4 (Jardim Ceci)
Sao Paulo 04072 – 000

Ed. Note: Call Tam Toll Free 
TAM - Brazilian Airlines

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