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I almost didn't post today and then I ran into the article below from our friends at  One People's Project.  It would seem that in Germany where the authorities have been exposed recently as being more than lax when it comes to home grown neo nazis decided to nab David Duke to show they cared.  Personally, I don't give a damn why they did it.  Why not arrest David Duke any chance you get?  I am sure there will be those who will say, "you are just giving him the publicity he wants."  Maybe, so, but who cares.  His fans will always be his fans.  I don't much care who is the most popular racist of the day.  I've no use for any of them.  Maybe, it is always possible, not likely, I would guess, but possible dear David will have to do a little time.  We can dream....


We know that neo-Nazis from abroad love challenging Germany's anti-Nazi laws, but it might not have been the best idea in the world during a week where it seems law enforcement had been a little lax in dealing with one of the local underground neo-Nazi groups that had been killing people over the past decade. And when you are the best known neo-Nazi in America, you are going to be made an example of. David Duke is learning that the hard way at this time after his arrest last night just before he was supposed to speak to a group called Outside the Network. German officials snatched him up as an undesirable foreigner and as of right now he is out, but charges are still pending. This has only made the racist websites at this point, and needless to say, they are doing the usual routine of being outraged because Duke was denied his free speech or whatever. Maybe if they were even more concerned about those in their circles denying others their right to live we might actually care.

One People's Project

COLOGNE, GERMANY—In a week that Germany was reeling over the news of a wave of immigrant shopkeeper killings by neo-Nazis, reports are coming out that former Klansman David Duke has been arrested before he was due to speak at a nationalist meeting in town.
According to reports, the Cologne-based nationalist group Outside the Network invited the hatemonger and former Louisiana state legislator to speak at a Nov. 26 event they organized, but before he entered the hall, German officials arrested him as an “undesirable foreigner”. An article on Duke’s website notes that he was since been freed pending resolution of the charges in court at a later date.
This arrest comes three days after German Chancellor Angela Merkel admonished authorities for failing to arrest a group of neo-Nazis calling itself the National Socialist Underground that killed over nine persons over the course of 13 years in a rash of shootings and bombings, including a bombing in Cologne in 2004. Those killed were Turkish immigrants and a 22-year-old German police woman. To date, only three neo-Nazis have been arrested, and two others committed suicide as police closed in.
Duke served a year in federal prison for filing a false tax return and  mail fraud in 2004 after it was learned that donations he solicited for his organization actually went to pay off gambling debts. He says he is currently planning a run for United States President.

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