Tuesday, September 13, 2011


what is wrong with me?
Here is an article for you that should bring a smile to your face.  It seems that white supremacists are not "babe hounds."  I mean, they can't get no satisfaction.  It's like, dude, where are the ladies?  I'm sorry I just can't help myself.  Of all the problems facing the world today, I'm not sure that any can top the problems these pathetic racists, nazis and assorted sad sacks face when the only faces they see are each others.  Ugh...

This very important post comes from One People's Project and hats off to OPP for daring to go where no one has gone before.


Where White Women At?Seriously, what can white nationalists say to anyone when one of the biggest things they publicly whine about is that they can't get any women? And how pathetic is your political activism if that indeed plays itself out over and over and over again? Last Saturday, there were around 40-50 that turned out for the National Policy Institute (NPI) conference and only three of them - THREE! were women! And this little problem - one that is so bad that a few weeks ago it sparked a 99 PAGE THREAD on Stormfront titled "Why are so many White Nationalist men single?" - just had to be addressed in full by this crowd of total pathetic losers who came there to talk about everyone else's supposed inadaquacies! They didn't even consider that the guy amongst their ranks named F. Roger Devilin basically waging war against women repeatedly in his writings might just be the kind of guy that would turn a gal off! But hey, some of us have our own theories...

gtupstndup, My Left Hemisphere

~with special thanks to my good friend Ricardo Smith who provided most of the  information for this article.
Remember the movie “Mars Needs Women?” So, apparently, do white supremacists. In fact, at a recent conference of the National Policy Institute, in a room filled with 45-50 mostly older, hateful but straining to sound intellectual about it white men, there were only three female fascists to be found. It was enough of an issue that a participant named Michael Hart asked about it during the Q&A session. He wondered aloud about why there are so few women in the movement and what could be done to address the issue. This was not the first time the problem was discussed in the hate community. It had come up as recently as this year on a long and winding thread on Stormfront, but it seems that solutions, final or otherwise, have not been found.
There was a palpable tension in the room. Clearly this issue resonated with most of those present. Where some were concerned it seemed that the answer should be obvious. Even if you aren’t a white power maniac it is usually harder to attract women if you are a skinny-legged 85 year old with a giant pot belly, terrible rug and belt worn jauntily at the nipple line.  Sadly for the movement this is a significant and growing demographic. Life can be unkind that way, even to the most unkind among us. Some might think that the presence of people like F. Roger Devlin, who is at least as well-known for his misogyny as he is for his racism might contribute to the problem but that didn’t seem to occur to any of the conference-goers.
As I mentioned this was an academic crowd but all the big brains in the room could only come up with one contributing factor: they know that they are terribly persecuted when they are outed for their political beliefs and imagined that this could be even more of a problem for women as women still have a harder time making a living than men do. These were some caring and sensitive racists, though they didn’t mention where they stood on the Lily Ledbetter equal pay case.
But what of the younger and hunkier among them? Where were the Aryan maidens who ought to be flocking around, or at least showing up for the occasional conference? Richard Spencer, executive director of the National Policy Institute, didn’t really know the answer to why the white right is such a sausage club but he knew what could change the situation.
He reminded his lonely and frustrated minions that they know more than most people and that one thing they know is that the cause of racial separation is beautiful and natural. Unlike liberals whose world is ugly and grey they need only work harder to spread their message and this natural beauty will be made manifest, rendering them and their cause irresistible. Some jokes ensued about the parade of hot babes in their future.
Another man rose to speak about the mainstream media and their mind-numbing influence on the masses. He said that any dictator would envy what Walter Cronkite could accomplish in five minutes and, continuing on the theme of the previous question, someone added that what they need for real influence are some hot blondes with cleavage.  I’m guessing that he just momentarily forgot that they already have Fox News.

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