Thursday, July 14, 2011


Speaking as a Marxist: If as I believe the whole notion of a vanguard Party is screwed up and leads nowhere.  If the working class must emancipate itself.  Then, don't you need a sizable (majority?) working class  (something we didn't have in the Russian or Chinese, etc. revolutions) for a true communist revolution to succeed.  Thus, perhaps, China is the likely candidate for this to occur (first in a big country) considering current developments and its likely future path.  

I am sure many of you would find it strange for me now to add the following.  I think this is much more likely to happen sooner and with less difficulty with the CPC in power and following a course similar to that which it is on.  It is after all, only with the "reforms" that a huge working class (with a better consciousness of itself as a class then any in the West) has begun to develop.  When/if the working class revolution occurs the CPC can decide to go along or not.  It shouldn't, in the end, matter though. 

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SCISSION said...

The problem is we don't have all that much time. Will the growing catastrophe of environmental destruction and systemic crisis finally lead to the scission that puts an end to capitalism in just a nick of time. I doubt it myself, but what the hey...the Royals could win the pennant in a few years, too.