Thursday, February 03, 2011


It it time for the Palestinian Authority to get its head screwed on straight already.  Somebody in the triumvirate of governing bodies in the whole of Israel and Palestinian has got to step up to the plate sometime and start making decisions that are correct, morally responsible, and on the right side of history.  I haven't much faith in Hamas.  I haven't much faith in the Israeli government.  I haven't much faith in the Palestinian Authority.  Maybe someday, the peoples, the Jews, the Arabs, the Bedouin, the Druze, maybe someday they'll all wake up one morning and get it.  However, I wouldn't start the coffee pot just yet.


More detentions in Ramallah at rally for Egypt

Published Wednesday 02/02/2011 (updated) 03/02/2011 14:19
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RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Palestinian Authority police beat back protesters with clubs and detained at least two at what witnesses described as a spontaneous rally and show of support for the Egyptian people as chaos hit Cairo streets.

"I was sick and tired of sitting at home and doing nothing," one Ramallah resident said, explaining that she had seen on the social networking site Facebook that friends were attending a peaceful protest at 9 p.m. in the city center.

When she arrived shortly after nine, she said one protester was already being dragged away. "There were only 30 people there at the start," she said, adding that after the arrests more gathered.

Palestinian police officials in Ramallah could not be reached for comment by phone, but told Ma'an earlier that officers would be "ready for any problems" that erupted.

Protesters said the event had been peaceful until police broke out batons and started pushing women at the front of the group back and away from the city center.

"Our rally was simply in support of Egypt," one protester told Ma'an by phone, "we said nothing against the PA, we were not even out in the street."

Earlier in the day, dozens of Fatah supporters had gathered in the same spot protesting in support of Mubarak. Protesters were said to have carried signs accusing Egyptian opposition leader Mohammed ElBaradei of being a CIA agent, according to a report in Israel's The Jerusalem Post.

The paper cited sources in Ramallah who said the demonstration was initiated by the PA leadership.

Turnout at the protest was low and there were no reports of arrests.

On Sunday, PA security forces shut down a demonstration in front of the Egyptian embassy in Ramallah, after calling in one of the organizers for questioning multiple times a day earlier, organizers of the rally said.

Forces pushed demonstrators and a man who identified himself as a police commander said the demonstrators were in a "security area" and would have to disperse, they said.

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