Monday, October 11, 2010


Why isn't Richard Chrisman in jail.  After all he shot and killed a man who was in his underwear, a man who was unarmed.  In fact, Chrisman didn't just shoot the man, he screamed at him, tear gassed him and tasered him.

Oh, that's right, its OFFICER Richard Chrisman.

Officer Chrisman, is out on bail, charged only with aggravated assault.

You know what police officer is having to defend himself not from the commuinity but his comrades.  That would be officer Sergio Vigillo who refused to cover up for his fellow copper and told the truth about what happened.

The Phoenix New Times reports, "In the initial police report, Officer Vergillo claims Chrisman held a gun to the head of the victim, 29-year-old Daniel Rodriquez, after Rodriquez told him he needed a warrant to be in his house.

"I don't need no warrant, motherfucker," Vergillo says Chrisman told Rodriquez, while holding a gun to his head."'

Craig Mehrens, the attorney for Officer Richard Chrisman says Vigillo is lying. "We already know he's lying," Mehrens says. "Officer Vergillo's version doesn't even make sense. 

"I don't know why people lie," Mehrens says.

Some of Chrisman's defenders say Vigillo testimony is racially motivated becasue he is Latino.  

There is one problem with that argument though.  It seems that Officer Vigillo is Italian.  

Officer Vigillo's sister,Gina Fast, said he told the truth even though he knew he'd catch shit for it. "He knew there would be repercussions, but he said he had to do the right thing," Fast said.

"He (Vigillo) said a few times, 'Gina, I was just a foot away. Gina, he was shot right through the chest," Fast said of her brother's version of the incident.


You should also read the article "SISTER DEFENDS OFFICER FOR TELLING TRUTH"


PHOENIX -- For the past six days, protesters have taken to the streets and demanded that a Phoenix police officer accused in the shooting of an unarmed man on Oct. 5 be returned to jail.

Officer Richard Chrisman was charged with aggravated assault with a weapon after he shot Daniel Rodriquez during a domestic call.
Chrisman on Wednesday was released on bond, assisted financially by the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association.
"This is an injustice, killed an unarmed man in his underwear," said a protester identified only as Henry.
"He did the crime, he needs to do the time," Henry said. "He shouldn't be out roaming in the streets."
Chrisman's partner, Officer Sergio Virgillo, provided back-up the day of the shooting and claims Chrisman's actions were extreme.
"This individual at this point is charged with aggravated assault, which is, under our law, bailable," said Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon.
Gordon said he feels that Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley's will handle the case properly.
"We treat everyone the same, and that's bad guys get prosecuted and arrested and good guys are protected," Gordon said.
"That's completely wrong," said protester Carlos Galindo. "If we don't keep pressure on Phil Gordon and Rick Romley, we're not going to see a change in how police handle cases in south Phoenix, or handles cases with minorities."
Galindo said he feels Chrisman is receiving special treatment because of his status as an officer, and wants to talk with Romley in hopes that he'll reconsider how the nine-year police veteran is prosecuted
"I think Phil Gordon has consistently helped the Phoenix Police Department cover up shoddy investigations, failed investigations," Galindo said.
Gordon said the process "is working ... the only thing that can happen is it could be prejudiced by individuals who are trying this in the court of public opinion as opposed to a court with a jury of its peers."
"Mayor, why is he out on the street?" Henry asked during Sunday's protest. "If the process is working, why is this (man) out on the street?"
Police said the investigation is ongoing and Chrisman's charges can be changed.
The Maricopa County Attorney's Office said it is is reviewing the case.

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