Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Happen to be hangin' in London. Well, there is a party you just won't want to miss. I'm talking "PARTY AT THE PUMPS PART 2."

Once more environmental groups UK Tar Sands Network, Rising Tide and the Camp for Climate Action are taking to the streets of London to protest against the catastrophic extraction of tar sands in... Canada.

Last month the groups targeted BP. This month it's Shell.

This is a Party you won't want to miss.

If you're hangin' in London...

The following is from Rising Tide.



When: Saturday, 15th May
Meet: 1PM at Oxford Circus
Bring: a zone 1-2 tube pass, noisemakers, your friends & family and your dancing shoes. Oxford Circus meeting point map

Shutting down a petrol station for 5 hours on a sunny Saturday afternoon was so much fun we're going to do it again. Shell's Hell – in the tar sands and beyond - is next in the firing line.

Party 1 had Samba, twin sound systems, a live Ceilidh band, face painting, free cakes and 200 people. Party 2 will be bigger and better, with activists joining us from Brighton, Oxford and beyond.
See here for a video of Party at the Pumps Part 1:

And for all you cyclists out there, there will be a special Party at the Pumps Critical Mass making its way to the party. Meet 1PM at Marble Arch (under the arch).

Get ready for sunshine, music, and dancing on the forecourt!

Why target Shell?

Party at the Pumps Part 2 is taking place just three days before Shell's AGM, where the company will come under fire from shareholders over its plans in the Canadian tar sands; and a week before the Merthyr to Mayo solidarity bike ride, which will link two communities in Wales and Ireland resisting fossil fuel extraction.

Party at the Pumps is in solidarity with communities around the world who are resisting Shell's destruction of lives and livelihoods, poisoning of lands and waters, and fuelling of climate chaos. In Northern Canada, Shell's tar sands projects are ignoring First Nations treaty rights, causing rare forms of cancer and killing wildlife (http://www.ienearth.org/tarsands.html). In Rossport, Ireland, a dangerous onshore pipeline and massive refinery are transforming an area of\ outstanding natural beauty into an environmental disaster zone with serious public health and safety implications (http://www.rossportsolidaritycamp.org). And in Nigeria, where Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight Ogoni colleagues were hung by the Nigerian state for campaigning against Shell's devastation of the Niger Delta, resistance to Shell and Big Oil continues (http://www.remembersarowiwa.com).

These struggles may be happening in distant places, but they are driven from Shell HQ. On May 15th, we bring the resistance to the heart of London.

This action is jointly called by London Rising Tide/London Tar Sands Network and Climate Camp London.


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