Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Unbelievable but not. Former Aryan Nations bossoroo plans to open night club for kids near my town...They'll be more on this, I guarantee it.


The following is from the Kansas City Pitch.

Charles Juba,once influential Neo-Nazi, to open under-21 club in Odessa, claims he's left white power behind

Charles Juba, once considered among the most influential men in the Neo-Nazi movement, is opening a new under-21 nightclub in Odessa this weekend. He says he's left his past behind, but Odessa residents are still understandably concerned about what kind of influence the man who once ran "Gas A Jew For Jesus.com" might have on their kids, let alone how his club will make Odessa look.

Juba plans to open The Black Flag Club Friday night at the Prime Outlets Mall. Last night at a board of alderman meeting, angry Odessa residents confronted Juba who told them: "I'm a father. I'm a business owner. I've walked away from my past over five years ago."

Charles Juba, in more hateful times   

According to the Black Flag Club's Web site, Juba picked the name as a reference to the banner of Civil War guerilla fighter William Quantrill, whose most famous raid, the Lawrence Massacre, left 183 men and boys dead and the town burning. The club's Web site says it's the "newest, the biggest, and the best 20 & under club for music dancing, bands, and fun!"
In fall 2003, the Southern Poverty Law Center put Juba on its "40 to Watch" list.

According to the SPLC's report, the one-time Lancaster, Pennsylvania, factory worker became head of a Pennsylvania KKK group at 21, eventually rising to the rank of grand dragon of the International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

In 1992 he ran a telephone hotline threatening to lynch blacks and telling them to swim back to Africa with "a Jew under each arm." He was a member of multiple white-power groups over the next decade, settling with the Neo-Nazi Aryan Nations.

Juba also ran a non-defunct Web site called "Gas a Jew For Jesus.com" to provide Aryan youth with "as many helpful hints as possible in artistic ways of gassing Jews." Though considered influential in the movement, he wasn't above embarassing moments, including one in which a former girlfriend posted info about her interest in sadomasochism to the Web.

Juba moved to the metro in 2005, claiming he was going to open a new Aryan Nations headquarters here. He supposedly left the group before it happened.

Randy Garcia, the mall's property manager, did not respond to interview requests for this story. Local FBI officials who track activity in white supremacy declined to comment on Juba's current level of involvement in the movement, if any.

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