Thursday, April 22, 2010


Apparently having little else to do in Iowa authorities and their ham sandwich grand jury have issued yet another superseding indictment of Scott DeMuth. I think that makes three indictments. Meanwhile his trial has now been reset for next                       September.                                                                   

"The trial postponement will give Scott’s attorneys needed time to prepare a defense against a still-vague and uninformative indictment, and needed time for us–his supporters–to raise the tens of thousands of dollars that we need to cover legal and travel costs, and support activities."

If you can donate to his defense, make a check out to Coldsnap Legal Collective with EWOK! in the memo line, and send it to:
c/o Coldsnap
PO Box 50514
Minneapolis, MN 55405."

Meanwhile, our friend, Carrie Feldman, who served four months in jail for refusing to testify before the same grand jury got busted in the Twin Cities where she was acting as a legal observer at a local protest. She has since been released yet again.

                                         (pictured here: Iowa Grand Jury)

 The following is from Voice of the Voiceless.

New Allegations in A.L.F. Conspiracy Case by Peter Young
Grand jury implicates Scott DeMuth in 2006 mink farm raid

In a little-publicized move this week, a grand jury expanded the ndictment of Scott DeMuth to include a 2006 mink liberation in Minnesota. This third version of the original indictment adds yet another allegation to the original charge - an alleged role in the A.L.F. liberation of 401 animals from the University of Iowa psych labs in 2004.
The new superseding indictment alleges DeMuth’s unspecified role in a 2006 raid of Lakeside Ferrets, a former mink farm in Howard Lake, Minnesota.
On April 29th, 2006, anonymous activists cut holes in the fence, entered the breeder shed, and released hundreds of mink. In a communique issued soon after, the A.L.F. took credit. The communique read, in part:
Finally, to all fur farmers, furriers, and profiters of death, this
is the last warning: close down your buisnesses, or with
boltcutters, fire, and storm, we’ll do it for you. You can try to
scare us, you can try to imprison us, and you can even try to kill
us, but the day we stop will be the day that the last animal has
been freed from its cage.
The Fur Commission USA claimed after the raid that activists mistook ferrets for mink, and in fact the “mink farm” was actually a ferret farm. While there is evidence to suggest the farm is now a ferret farm, the location in Howard Lake was at one time called the Latzig Mink Ranch. The farm was the site of one of the first-ever mink releases in the U.S. in 1996, when 1,000 mink were liberated.

The first two versions of the indictment accused DeMuth only of an unspecified role in the rescue of 401 animals from the University of Iowa in 2004. The latest version adds an additional accusation of a role in the mink release.

As with the two preceding indictments, the new indictment fails to specify what exactly Scott DeMuth is charged with. The document alleges only that DeMuth caused or attempted to cause “physical disruption to the functioning of animal enterprises including but not limited to the Spence Laboratories at the University of Iowa and Lakeside Ferrets Inc. in Minnesota, and other animal enterprises elsewhere”. No more specific information is given.

This is the latest chapter in the Midwest A.L.F. investigation that continues to get more bizarre and desperate at each step. Eventually, the government will be forced to reveal specific allegations in the case, including what “other animal enterprises elsewhere” DeMuth (a non-vegetarian bow hunter) is alleged to have targeted.
- Peter Young

View legal documents in the case at the Davenport Grand Jury website.

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