Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Fur coats and dead fish, hmm. Whats that all about?

The following is from Bite Back.

received anonymously:
"Activists The Stinky Bandits visited the 'Frock Me' vintage fur and clothing fair at the Corn Exchange in Brighton, England yesterday.
This fair sells dead animal's skins openly claiming it to be fashion!

Many, many of the fur coats, hats, gloves etc were ruined with dead fish in the pockets and linings by the bandits. Under the hot lamps of the fair this would be smelling properly terrible by now.

Who would want to buy them now?

Brighton will soon be fur free!"

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Anonymous said...

Vintage fur, old fur not new fur, some of it from as early as 1940's when often fur was a bi-product. These people do not support new fur, they simply recycle.

These animals have already lost there lives in vain surely it is better to recycle rather than destroy something which we cannot fix from the past and focus on what's happening now, things we can change.