Sunday, February 07, 2010


Former Representative Tom Tancredo, a Republican from Colorado, told about 600 Tea Party convention goers in the Nashville ballroom that in the 2008 election President Barack Obama was elected because of "people who could not even spell the word 'vote' or say it in English.'"

Remarks by Tancredo and others bares the lie that the Tea Party movement is just a bunch well minded civic hearted folks. As if...

By the way did I mention the Tea Bagger crowd loved it.

The white supremacist base of the Tea Party movement is sometimes just too obvious. Although, it made no difference to Presidential hopeful Sara Palin who said of the Tea Baggers, "Their vision is what drew me to the Tea Party movement. They believe in the same principles that guided my work in public service..."

I know that's right!

Hey, a short addition to the above.  Steve Milloy, who runs a global warming denier website,, delivered a speech denouncing environmentalism as the "greatest threat to America now and in the future".

The following is from Teabagger Watch.

Raving and Drooling: Tea Baggers' National powwow kicks off with a bang

(Note: before you yell at me, I didn't pick the word "powwow" to be used here.  It came with the article...thank you)

Noted Suit'n'tie Klansman Tom Tancredo Calls for Jim Crow-era Measures Against Immigrant Voters, Rails Against "Cult of Multiculturalism"

You'd have thought Dr. Who had brought some good old down-home segregationist yahoos back with him from the 1950s the way infamous racist nutcake Tom Tancredo carried on about the intelligence of voters who elected Barack Obama in his speech to the first National Tea Party Convention this past Thursday. As usual, and like all your average Teabaggers, Tancredo displayed his ignorance by referring to corporate centrist Obama as a "socialist idealogue", declaring that Obama won the White House due to the lack of "...a civics, literacy test before people can vote in this country," according to a report posted at ABC News.

Also -- and, as per usual -- Tancredo made the arrogant assumption that this country only legitimately belonged to white people: "This is our country...let's take it back," raved Tancredo, to a reception lacking only the chants of "Seig Heil" to identify its real values and intentions at a convention featuring former Alaska governor, Vice Presidential candidate and beauty queen Sarah Palin as its keynote speaker (for a fee of $100,000).

Putting the lie to the Teabaggers' claims that they aren't racists, outfits like the National Socialist Movement andStormfront -- you know, the Nazis -- enthusiastically echoed Tancredo's attitudes on immigration and culture after Thursday's speech. The VNN Forum was especially raving and drooling. Tomasz Winnicki of London, Ontario, Canada snarls:

"Ahhh... democracy... where every university mathematics professor's vote is just as equal as that of any jobless mental retard's on welfare. I caught an interview of someone from the Tea Party movement on CBC radio while driving home from work one night. I don't recall whether it was Tom Tancredo himself or someone else from the Tea Party but I recall thinking 'Wow... one or two more steps in the right direction and these guys will turn racialist like us'. Why is it so hard for those 'conservatives' to realize that civilization is a function of race?"

But, wait! There's MORE! Those of you who follow the TW with any regularity are familiar with the escapades of one Marcus Epstein, racist paleocon and co-founder of the Robert Taft Club (their Web site is apparently 404), arrested as a result of aracist violence incident in Washington DC and executive director of the Team America PAC, founded by none other than Tom Tancredo! Well, folks, it also turns out that despite that incident and the criminal charges stemming from it, Little Marcus is still serving as executive director at Team America.D'ohhh! Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy, there, Mr. Tancredo!


Anonymous said...

wow. such rage. misdirected, but quite understandable, seeing how the media puppets of washington constantly attempt to portray the tea party.

keep up the good work, and spread your misplaced anger among americans who merely wish to see an end to growth and spending. efforts such as yours can only serve to divide the country further, which is the goal of the statist.

blah, blah, Bush bad, blah, blah, Obama good, blah, blah, Racist, blah, it for someone who swallows Obama'a lies.

Anonymous said...

As a "white" american, I can say without a doubt that the tea party is a front for a white supremacist uprising. I think Obama is a sell out for the corporate elite, but so are the Republicans. Both parties work for the corporate elites.

Most american's are poor, white and non-white. We have more in common with each other than the tea party rich people who want to fight for the 2% of society that makes over $250,000/year. Everything the tea party says is a code-word for white power and their fear that Obama is going to round up white people because that is what they would do to black people if they had a chance. They are simply projecting their own horrible, Nazi selves into Obama because they are afraid of black people.

I don't support Obama, not because he is black but because he does not support universal healthcare and putting wall street in prison.

We need a constitutional amendment mandating Universal Heathcare and Abortion On Demand!