Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The Molalla Pioneer writes, "American comic strip artist Bil Keane once wrote, 'A hug is like a boomerang — you get it back right away.” But thanks to a rule at Molalla River Middle School, it will just get you in trouble.'"

Middle school students at Molalla River Middle School in Molalla Oregon are protesting the new rule that prevents hugging. The principal instituted the new rule after kids started showing up late to class, which has sparked protest among the students. Twelve-year-old Desha Eaves, protest leader, wrote a letter to the school board saying, "We're kids. I mean, come on, you need hugs."

I mean give me a break. I'm supposed to believe that kids are so busy hugging each other that they coming to class late?

That's a lot of hugging dude.

Principal Bob Espenel told the Molalla Pioneer newspaper, “You’d have groups of 10 to 15 kids and they all had to hug each other before they went to class. It was getting out of hand,” Espenel said. “…This is not the Love Boat.”


Phone calls to Principal Bob Espenel weren't returned to Portland's FOX. However, the Molalla Pioneer reported Espenel said he was not likely to lift the hugging ban (wouldn't be prudent).

Can you imagine having to deal with that situation.

Maybe the school needs to bring in counselors to work with these kids. I mean what kinda kids go around hugging each other?

"It's just something us kids do," said eighth-grader Elizabeth Lopez.

Would it be so bad if there were more hugs and less violence in our schools?

“Sometimes they really need a hug and I didn’t think it was fair for me to not give my friend a hug,” Eaves said.

Someone should tell this budding anarchist that "fair" isn't what makes this country great...or something.

The Pioneer reports Espenel does not have any firm data on whether the hugging ban has decreased student tardiness, but said it does give students one less excuse to be late for class.

What do you think these kids learned from their Principal's action?

The following is from KOLD News (Arizona). I wonder how the look on hugging in arizona anyway.

School Bans Hugging On Campus

Giving a hug means breaking the rules at one Oregon middle school. School leaders say they imposed the no hugging rule after students started showing up late to class because they were busy hugging each other in the halls.

But kids say the rule is hard to embrace. The school says it's designed to protect kids from feeling uncomfortable.

The rule has actually been in effect for several years, but one 12-year-old girl is protesting it.

Desha Eaves has sent a letter to the school board in an effort to change the rule.

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