Monday, May 19, 2008


They're only workers.

That seems to be the message coming out of an Italian Ferrari Formula One factory which is the site of a possible tuberculosis outbreak.

Workers at Ferrari’s F1 lab in Maranello are less then pleased after being told to work on despite the TB outbreak.

They accused bosses of "putting cars before people" after a worker was rushed to hospital with the contagious disease.

One Briton at the Maranello complex said the TB was found in a routine check-up of a carbon fibre specialist in the "clean room", a contamination-free area of the works. He is in quarantine.

Ferrari lead the F1 constructors’ championship after drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa won the last four races.

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Disease outbreak at Ferrari F1 factory

Workers at Ferrari's Formula One factory in Italy have been told to keep working despite an outbreak of the infectious disease tuberculosis.

The British newspaper The Sun reports that a staff member was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with TB, a common and deadly disease that - if untreated - kills up to half of its victims.

The newspaper said the staff member was a carbon fibre specialist, and Ferrari confirmed that he has a 'mild form' of tuberculosis.

It is reported that the 25 technicians whose job it is to build Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa's cars for each Grand Prix are currently undergoing blood tests to see if they have also been infected.

Ferrari said Raikkonen and Massa will not need tests.

"We're not happy," a British employee is quoted as saying from Maranello.

"We think the lab should be shut down until we get an all-clear. It feels as if Ferrari are putting cars before people."

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