Friday, March 28, 2008


Perhaps you remember the March 18th post "THE LAWSON FILE: WE DON'T NEED "KLAN R US" IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD" . Well, as you might imagine I've received some real fan mail from those who have taken offense...Today, I got another one and I thought I'd go ahead and print it for y'all to enjoy. As you will be able to tell the writer put a whole lot of time and thought into it. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

And now here it is (roll the drums, please):
We don\'t need \"Klans R Us\" eh? Did it ever occur to you even once,
that maybe, just maybe YOU were the one with his head screwed on
Either you\'re a black, Hispanic or Jew, or your some poor deluded
white that\'s been spoon-fed liberal propaganda since birth and just
doesn\'t know any better. Like a Moonie, you\'d need a month of
de-programming just to be able to learn to think for yourself again. Whites in this
country and around the world are under attack on a dozen different
fronts, all of which are designed to destroy us as a race and a culture.
For you to make such a sickeningly politically correct rant makes me want
to puke in
my boot. Why don\'t you try thinking for yourself
for once and start investigating the facts instead
of riding on the lemming\'s cart to the cliff?

If you\'re a white, you have my pity, and if you\'re a \"minority\" you
have my warning. We\'re not dead yet, and a great many of us are
waking up now, and waking up pissed...

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