Friday, March 21, 2008


Sara Olson was released after six too long years in prison on Monday. I've known about it since then, but Sara, her family, friends and supporters felt it was best to leave it alone and let her relax. I think we all, too, knew the way the media would cover her release and the way the hate blogs would react. I think we wished they would just let it go.

Well, the news is out now and we were unfortunately correct. The media again drums up all the old sordid charges made by the Los Angeles police. The LAPD react just as you'd expect of them. The hate blogs spew their venom.

I can tell you that the Sara Olson whom they describe does not exist.

The Sara I know is one wonderful person. She is a person committed to her family, her loved ones, her friends and to social justice. She is a person you can meet once and feel that you've known her all your life. She is that type of a person.

She served her time with dignity and courage.

Today she deserves some peace and quiet. She deserves to be left alone to return to her family and her life.


Anonymous said...

This is a really nice blurb. It's the only nice one I've read so far. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thats right she is free,so let it be she done her time:: Solomon