Thursday, February 21, 2008


I've been arguing against hair cuts since about 1964 so I can't get too dang upset about the closing of a barber shop.

But I'm no heartless longhaired Taliban like hippie. I don't call for the defingering of barbers to push my hair agenda.

Out in Nevada that is exactly what happened to poor Bevan Dalley (pictured here through the window of his shop during happier times).

John McCain denied that he had anything to do with Bevan and Michelle Obama said that for the first time in her life she was proud of small town barbers.

Mike Huckabee said it was an act of God that the rest of the town was spared.

President Bush called upon the people of Overton to stay the course.

There is no word as of yet from former candidate John Edwards who is a noted expert on hair and haircuts.

And that's the way it is...

The following comes from the Moapa Valley Progress (Overton, Nevada).

Injury Causes Barber Shop Closure

It has certainly not escaped the notice of any of the men in town who are in need of a haircut that Dalley’s Barbershop in Overton has been closed since last week. The closing of the shop is the result of an unfortunate accident that befell the proprietor in the afternoon of Monday, February 11.

According to Dalley’s daughter-in-law, Shay Dalley, Bevan Dalley was at his home in the afternoon doing some carpentry work. In the process of cutting lumber, to be used as a baseboard, Dalley caught his pinky, ring, and middle finger of his left hand severing the fingers below the base. Dalley was able to remove his hand but not until the saw had severely torn into his index finger.

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