Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The government of Venezuela is today blaming an anarchist group for a bombing which left one man dead at the offices of major business group. The same group police say is behind a series of other bombings this month.

The bombings were originally attributed to ‘foreign agitators’ in the pay of the CIA.

A report at venezuelanalysis.com quptes Lope Mendoza, second vice president of Fedecamaras (the latest target) who...indicated that the detonation caused, "great destruction in the north facade of the building."

According to Globovision, pamphlets were found in the area signed by "Frente Guerrillero Venceremos" with messages against the leadership of the business group. Globovision also said that the deceased person carried a honorary inspector's card, from the Metropolitan Police.

This same guerrilla organization is attributed with placing an explosive in front of the administrative offices of the National Assembly, on the corner of Pajaritos, which occurred in the early hours of February 18. They have also been identified as responsible for the explosive placed at the Vatican Embassy on February 15, which caused minor damage. The detonation of a statue of George Washington, in El Paraíso on February 13 is also attributed to them.

The organization affirms in their pamphlets that they are for "the rescue of the Bolivarian process", the government of President Hugo Chavez has energetically repudiated the detonations.

Issue #52 of El Libertario gives some perspective to an anarchist point of view on the situation in Venezuela. In an article entitled "Against (B)oligarchy, demagogy and corruption" it states:

Nine years is more than enough to know that there's nothing to be hoped for from the messianic leadership incarnated in Hugo Chávez and the previous four decades tell us something similar about the partisan bureaucracies that today form the opposition, so the real dilemma is whether we'll keep on riding the deadly electoral wagon that only brings us to these failed destinations or whether we'll all together build another alternative, harmonizing the individual with the collective, with conscious participation that does not delegate but trusts in our abilities, with horizontal organization, without authoritarian impositions of any kind, joining our demands with the capacity to solve them that exists in our collectives. This road will bring us the possibility of a positive and profound transformation in Venezuela.

The following is from the Kansas City Star.

Venezuela bombing: 'anarchists' blamed
The Associated Press

Venezuela's justice minister on Monday blamed "anarchists" for an explosion that killed one man at the offices of Venezuela's leading business chamber, and he vowed to capture those responsible.

"We know who they are and we know the game they want to play," Justice Minister Ramon Rodriguez Chacin told reporters. "We're going to capture them."

The blast near the entrance of the Fedecamaras business chamber headquarters in Caracas killed a 44-year-old man suspected of trying to plant the bomb and shattered windows early Sunday.

Rodriguez said the man was found with an expired card identifying him as an "honorary" police inspector but that he was not an active police officer.

Sunday's explosion was the fifth reported this month in the Venezuelan capital. In several of them, authorities found scattered pamphlets linking the bombings to a group identified as "Venceremos of the United Center-Left."

Rodriguez blamed a "small group of anarchists who are looking for political interests."

"We know who they are by first and last name," he said.

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