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Nazis are hoping to disrupt Australia Day commemorations this year. The dopes called on everyone to keep it all secret as they broadcast it on their web sites.

Personally, I have a feeling this so called plan being promoted by a bunch of bozo bonehead types is going nowhere beyond the dim minds of a few individuals, but I figured I'd run the article anyway.

And the seriousness of the 2005 Cronulla mob action was certainly real and something to keep in mind before totally dismissing the "plan" as farce. At that time 5,000 white Australians wearing t-shirts and chanting racist slogans attacked persons who appeared to them to be of middle eastern origin.

Anyway something that I found interesting is that while researching this I went to the main Stormfront web page and found two interesting advertisements some of you might find of interest. They were as follows:
Click Below to Hear the Stream Live:
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and on the bottom of the page:
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Any of you Paul backers out their might want to check it out, you think?

The following is from the Herald Sun (Australia).

Nazis plot Australia Day riots

WHITE supremacists are plotting to use Cronulla riot-style tactics to hijack Australia Day celebrations across Sydney - including a plan to push their racist views at the sacred Anzac Cenotaph at Hyde Park.

The attempt to co-opt the war memorial to create the impression "Hitler is coming to Sydney" has disgusted veterans, with the RSL calling it an appalling slur on the memory of our Diggers.

Other rallies will be held near the scene of the Cronulla riot and in Camden to protest the construction of an Islamic school.

The far-Right groups even promote an online handbook on how to combat police and avoid detection and infiltration when holding such meetings.

In an embarrassing display of incompetence, much of the material includes warnings about the need to keep such material secret from the media.

The racist material, which condemns migrants for not being able to speak English, is riddled with spelling mistakes and poor grammar.

Much of the activity has been co-ordinated through the neo-Nazi website Stormfront, whose Australian arm is moderated by 18-year-old Newcastle resident Rhys McLean.

Mr McLean said he was aware of the plans but said it was a matter for the individual organisers, not the website.

The main organiser is a semi-literate man from southwest Sydney who posts under the name "Aussie Nationalist".

After taking a poll of preferred locations, including Cronulla, the Central Coast and Bondi - because of its large Jewish population - the group appeared to settle on one of Sydney's most sacred sites.

"The location is Hyde Park, preferably near the Cenotaph which is a place of eternal honour and the epitomy (sic) of the Australian Spirit," Aussie Nationalist wrote.

RSL president Bill Crews said the plan was disgusting.

"We'd be appalled by any attempt to use any memorial or the Anzac memorial in Hyde Park to support any prejudiced political group," he said.

Another organiser promotes using tactics similar to the 2005 Cronulla riot, when en masse text messages were used to swamp the beach with violent thugs intent on bashing anyone of ethnic appearance.

"Organise flyer drops two weeks before the rally in Sydney and its surrounds, and start a Cronulla style SMS campaign five days before the rally," the poster identified as "Awake at last" wrote.

"Hopefully by the time the rally starts the media will have everyone thinking Adolf Hitler is coming to Sydney."

The threads also encourage users to consult a manual entitled How to Combat the Political Police.

An electronic newsletter distributed by the far-right Australia First Party employs the tactics, promising a rally near Cronulla and in Camden but refusing to disclose the exact location until the morning of January 26.

One meeting will be held in "a club in the Sutherland Shire" and be addressed by convicted race-hate criminal Jim Saleam.

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