Monday, December 03, 2007


A New Zealand man is about to sail solo to the Southern Ocean to take on the might of the Japanese whaling fleet in a risky David versus Goliath battle over the slaughter of the endangered humpback and other species.

Of the Japanese action the yachtsman, David Taylor (pictured here in a photo from the Bay of Plenty Times), told the Times, "There's no excuse for it at all, not by any stretch of the imagination. It's definitely not scientific. There's just no need for it. They don't require it for food ... It's threatening an endangered species _ we lose species around the world too often and there's no excuse for this one."

Taylor said the humpbacks were endangered and scientifically there was no need to kill whales for research.

"The Japanese say it's a scientific study, that's just a complete farce," he said.

"It's only just testing the waters to see if they can get away with it."

The Humpback whale is an endangered species almost hunted to extinction until it was protected by a 1965 worldwide moratorium.

The following press release is from Scoop (NZ).

Yachtsman Solo Protest Sail To Southern Ocean

David Taylor a Tauranga yachtsman is about to sail solo down to the Southern Ocean in protest at the appalling planned killing of Humpback whales along with Fin and Minki whales by Japan. His aim is raise awareness and hopefully action from fellow New Zealander’s.

The Humpback whale is an endangered species almost hunted to extinction until it was protected by a 1965 worldwide moratorium but the Japanese whaling fleet left Japan on the 18th November to kill 50 Humpbacks under the guise of scientific study along with 1000 other whales.

David has a science degree and has helped survey Humpbacks in Niue and Tonga, Killing even one whale is not necessary let alone 50, and the breeding stock will not stand this kind of loss. The Japanese are constantly increasing the number of whales they kill under the guise of science and must be encouraged to stop, this will only happen with pressure from other governments and public outcry. David’s hope is that by undertaking this protest, that other New Zealanders will ask or demand that their members of parliament force the government to take more assertive action. This solo sailing in the Southern Ocean is a challenging task not only on David and boat but also on family and loved ones he leaves behind.

David a 54 year old father of two grown daughters and two grand daughters, is engaged about to remarry in the New Year.

A dedicated and experienced yachtsman he has sailed the Pacific many times over many years. He returned as an adult in 2000 to study and gain a degree a Bachelor of Applied Science and then a postgraduate degree in secondary school teaching.

David has a passion for the sea and life. Sailing the Southern Ocean is a risky and expensive undertaking David would gratefully welcome any sponsors in helping get the likes of a satellite phone, survival gear, collision avoidance system, provisions etc. Also in promoting and advancement of this protest voyage. David is hoping for a web page that he can up date during the two months of protest.

If you have any feeling of injustice or disgust at this proposed killing of the Humpbacks and other whales tell others, be active, contact your Member of Parliament, sign a petition, do something or nothing will change and this year we will lose 50 Humpbacks and next year who knows what will be targeted. Think of the future what is lost cannot be replaced.

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