Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Tired of Lou Dobbs incessant racist chatter about immigrants from Mexico? I know I am.

You and I are not alone. Old Lou got the treatment yesterday at a book signing in San Diego.

In Sarasota, Florida where Dobbs met protests last week, Jose Manuel Godinez Samperio, an organizer and New College student, spoke for most of us when he commented about Dobbs. "Lou Dobbs has been one of the instrumental factors in the propagation of hate and lies against immigrants."

Hispanic News says of Dobbs:

"Promoted as journalist reporting, Lou Dobbs is a self interest demagogue who makes use of popular prejudices, false claims and promises in order to gain ratings. Instead of unbiased journalistic reporting, Lou Dobbs' "Broken Borders" is a theatrical show with props and guests who are of the same opinion and state half truths who do not fully disclose known facts."

I don't have much else to say except, "Lou, enough is enough already."
ps: The picture is from a rally in Milwaukee some time back

The following is from The Raw Story.

Lou Dobbs protested as 'racist' at book signing
Filed by David Edwards and Mike Sheehan

CNN host Lou Dobbs faced a boisterous protest Monday at a book signing in San Diego, a local CBS affiliate reports.

Activists accused Dobbs of prejudice against immigrants because he supports the controversial Minuteman project, a militia-style group seeking to prevent illegal border crossings. "He is, without question, a racist," said one protestor at the San Diego campus of the University of California. "He is against the Hispanic people from everywhere, especially Mexico."

Dobbs took the protest in stride, telling a reporter, "I think it's great that the university supports the Constitutional right of assembly and free speech." Yet when asked about the accusations of racism, Dobbs "would not discuss the matter."

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