Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I'm at it again. Backing some anti-gun control advocates. These folks are basically concerned about proposals that would ban shotguns in their state. Now, shotguns are legitimate weapons. Hunters use them (not that I support hunting) and they are a good weapon to have in the home for self-defense. You don't have to be a great shot to use them to defend yourself or your family and they are damn scary looking to boot.

Anyway, there is a movement in Illinois to turn back the ban idea. These folks aren't pushing assault rifles and the like, they just don't want gun control advocates to take away everything. They are trying to get resolutions passed in counties throughout the state (with a great deal of success)that would promise the 2nd amendment would be protected.

They believe Chicago and Cook County is trying to run the rest of the state of Illinois. That's because Cook County put a gun ban into effect this past February on long guns, like rifles and shotguns. The ban says people can't even have the guns in their own home.

"I don't understand how one county can do that to their citizens," Guns Rights Advocate Valinda Rowe told WCIA-3 in Urbana. "Then turn around and try to do it to the rest of the state. We've got to take a stand."

Now, I know some of you probably think I've lost my mind, but as I've said before I think possessing weapons for self defense in this day and age is far from stupid and shouldn't been seen as antithetical to being a child of the left.

I know that I probably disagree with lots of the people pushing this campaign in Illinois on a whole bunch of issues but so be it. On this one I agree.

Maybe they're using it to push an agenda I don't like. Maybe. But then "not being there" only allows that to happen more easily.

We simply cannot allow ourselves to be pushed into illogical positions becasue they don't fit the mold we're used to be cast in.

That IS stupid.

FYI: Pictured here are some anti-gun control advocates from the 60s....

The following is from the Journal Gazette and Times-Courier (Illinois).

County OKs gun measure
By DAVE FOPAY, Staff Writer

CHARLESTON — The Coles County Board on Tuesday gave its backing to a movement to oppose gun control laws.

The board voted 12-0 to adopt an advisory resolution pledging it will “oppose the enactment of any legislation that would infringe upon the rights of the people to keep and bear arms.”

There was no board discussion on the matter other than member Marc Weber’s introduction of and motion to adopt the resolution. Weber is chairman of the board’s health and safety committee, which recommended the resolution to the board.

He said the statewide effort behind the resolution, which has been adopted in more than 45 counties, came about because of proposed legislation to eliminate shotguns.

“They do have a downside, but in this case we are preserving them for hunting,” Weber said.

John Hamilton, a Charleston resident, brought the resolution to the committee and is working with a group called Illinois Pro Second Amendment Resolution to get it adopted in area counties. He and another supporter, Roy Kubicek of rural Charleston, attended Tuesday’s meeting, but neither man addressed the board, though later Hamilton said he was grateful for the vote.

“We didn’t want to wake up some morning and not have a right to a shotgun and to hunting,” he said.

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