Friday, August 03, 2007


One of those middle eastern countries we like to hang with and who we are in the process of sending millions of dollars in arms to (if Bush gets his way) has a police force second to none - when it comes to brutal methods anyway. They get their man or they kill someone else tyring.

Once again Egyptian police have tortured a man to death. This time because they were after his brother.

It was the latest in a series of human rights abuses reported in the country.

An Egyptian official speaking anonymously said police detained the man without charges and beat him severely.

The 35-year-old carpenter died of his wounds in hospital.

An interior ministry spokesman declined to comment, saying public prosecutors were investigating the incident.

Also this week, a Bedouin youth died Tuesday of bullet wounds he received during a clash between Bedouin and those zany Egyptian cops.

Auda Mohammed Arafat, 15, died in Arish hospital from wounds after Egyptian police violently dispersed a demonstration Monday of some 2,000 Bedouins protesting over fears that their houses near the border will be destroyed and calling for the release of their imprisoned brethren.

But, hey, they are only following up on the actions of some of their friends a couple weeks back who shot and killed a Sudanese woman and seriously wounded four others on the Sinai Peninsula as they tried to sneak into Israel.

The following is from AHN Global News.

Man Beaten To Death By Egyptian Police, Again

Egyptian police officers beat a man to death in Al Mansoura, a town in the Nile Delta region this past Tuesday, Al Masry Al Youm newspaper reported. Nasr Abdulah Al Sayeedi was the brother of a wanted man. Police held him and beat him in order to get his brother to turn himself in.

The villagers were shocked and grieved by the news, which led them to attack the police station, hurling stones and breaking windows.

The town is currently under siege by over 30 security trucks, armored cars and hundreds of soldiers. Over 70 men from the protesters were arrested after clashes between citizens and police continued until early Thursday.

Reports mentioned that police employed tear gas and live bullets and tens of people were transferred to a near by hospital with injuries sustained from the police actions.

Sayeedi, 35, a father of four girls heard screams from his modest apartment so he hurried only to find his mother on the floor and the police assaulting his wife and young daughters, eye witness told the newspaper.

"The officer nor the soldiers had mercy in their hearts, they dragged him [Sayeedi] onto the stairs in front of us, swearing and beating him furiously, until he was put in the police car," Hanem Al Saied, victim's neighbor told reporters.

After the victim arrived at the police station, the officers continued assaulting him until he was unconscious.

"We went to the police station to ask about him and maybe bail him out, [but] the officers refused to tell us about his condition and when we found him laying unconscious under a table, the police officer refused to call an ambulance so we carried him out by force to the emergency room where the medics there told us he was suffering from internal bleeding in the brain and must be operated on immediately," Amr Fatahy, victim's lawyer said.

Sayeedi died in the hospital the following day.

The torturing and the killing of civilians continues despite the community out cry to end it. They have urged the Ministry of Interior to prevent such actions from occurring. Many human rights organization say that these actions are taking place under the sight and protection of the minister himself.

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