Friday, August 17, 2007


Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch of Rhode Island called on North Providence police to turn over the results of any investigation into the injuries suffered by demonstrator and IWW member Alexandra Svoboda while marching (without a permit)to demand that Jacky’s Galaxie restaurant stop purchasing supplies from a company in New York that it says has a poor labor record. The IWW says, "...the restaurant chain that is being supplied by HWH in New York City, a supplier who is notorious for its slave labor conditions of up to 110 hours per week without basic labor rights (minimum wage and overtime)."

“The photographs I have seen depict a serious injury and are certainly very troubling,” Lynch said.

The IWW states:

"Roughly 30-40 wobblies and supporters were marching towards a restaurant in North Providence when the police began following them en mass. They told the marches to move to the sidewalk, while this was initially ignored, the marchers listened to the police and began slowly moving to the sidewalk.

The police then surrounded the marchers in their squad cars and began getting out. With the police in full force, they began attacking the marchers, one fellow worker, Alex Svoboda, was pinned down by the police during her arrest and suffered a dislocated leg. Jason, another wob, was also arrested in during the police' attack."

The local IWW invited members from across the Northeast to join another march this weekend down the center of Mineral Spring Avenue to call attention to what it says is the “prevalence of police brutality” in Rhode Island.

The following is from WJAR (Rhode Island)

AG Will Review Protester's Injury

Members of a labor group gathered outside the attorney general's office Thursday to press for his involvement in investigating their claim of police brutality against a protester.

The Industrial Workers of the World accuse North Providence police of using excessive force against Alexandra Svoboda during a demonstration on Saturday.

Police said Svoboda, 22, was combative and hit officers with some drumsticks. The group had gathered outside an Asian restaurant to protest labor practices.

The woman suffered serious leg injuries. She was photographed on the ground.

"The photographs constitute only a snapshot, however, of the end-result of a series of incidents whose chronological facts need to be fully explored and developed before any conclusions are reached," Lynch said in a statement released Wednesday.

Lynch said he will ask North Providence police to turn over the findings of their investigation for review. He has asked the state police to help.

The IWW wants misdemeanor charges filed against Svoboda dropped and monetary compensation.

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