Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Now be honest. Given the chance wouldn't you like to throw and egg at Karl Rove. Who wouldn't? At American University in Washington the opportunity arose and some answered the call.

Students there tried to make a citizen's arrest of Karl Rove last night at one of his canned "invitation only" speeches in front of the College Republicans.

Student organizers say they organized the demonstration after compelling evidence that Rove violated an act stipulating that all presidential email be recorded on a White House server. I can think of a whole slew of better things to arrest the guy for.

Some of the rowdies even kicked and shook Karl's car. I remember way back in history when I got to do the same to a car carrying Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Lewis Walt when he came calling at the University of Kansas. That was some fun.

The following article is from that beacon of radical news known as the Washington Post.

Students Lie in Front of Car, Delay Rove After Speech
Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Heckling protesters briefly delayed the car carrying top White House aide Karl Rove last night as he left the American University campus, where he had just given a speech. No arrests or injuries were reported after Rove's invitation-only talk.

About 20 students lay in front of the car as it prepared to leave, a witness said.

Josh Goodman, an AU junior, said other students kicked the car "and tried to stop it as best as they could."

He said the car, with Rove in the back seat, left after those in front of it "were all pulled away."

Goodman estimated that the incident lasted for "close to five full minutes," but Maralee Csellar, AU's acting head of public relations, said the delay amounted to a minute or two. She said there were 12 to 15 protesters.

A White House spokeswoman said last night that Rove "is pleased to accept invitations to speak to groups, including students."

"Rarely is there a protest that is not peaceful," spokeswoman Emily Lawrimore said. "Karl was never in any danger. He appreciated the opportunity and the invitation."

Kim Bruce, a spokeswoman for the Secret Service, said that after Rove spoke, "several individuals who had gathered outside the speech area threw unknown objects at the vehicle."

In addition, she said, "some individuals ran in front of the vehicle" but "did not impede" Rove's departure.

Goodman said students went to the Ward Circle building where Rove spoke to make a "citizen's arrest" of the presidential adviser. He said the students claimed they had compiled evidence indicating that Rove had violated what they say is a presidential records act stipulating that all presidential e-mail be recorded on White House servers.

Csellar said Rove came to AU to speak to the campus Young Republican Club at its last meeting of the school year. She said he was expected to talk for about 20 minutes and take questions for a similar period. Members were given tickets for the event, she said.

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