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One wonders if anything President Bush ever says is true. I mean this guy makes Richard Nixon look like the world's most honest man.

The US government should account for all the missing detainees once held by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Human Rights Watch said in a letter to the Prez.

At the same time, the group released a 50-page report, “Ghost Prisoner: Two Years in Secret CIA Detention,” which contains a detailed description of a secret CIA prison from a Palestinian former detainee who was released from custody last year.

Last year, the president admitted the existence of the secret prisons for the first time when he revealed 14 detainees had been transferred to Guantanamo Bay, but said the centres had now all closed and the prisoners were all accounted for.


The following comes from the site Afro American Newspapers.

Groups says dozens missing from CIA prisons
By Leonard Sparks
AFRO Staff Writer

Nearly six months after President Bush announced that the last of detainees held in secret overseas prisons run by the Central Intelligence Agency had been transferred to Guantanamo Bay, a human rights organization said dozens of people who may have been held in those prisons are still missing.

Human Rights Watch said the whereabouts of 16 people that it believes were imprisoned and 22 others that may have been imprisoned are still unknown.

In a letter to the president, the New York-based organization called for the release of information about the whereabouts of those missing people.

"President Bush told us that the last 14 CIA prisoners were sent to Guantanamo, but there are many other prisoners 'disappeared' by the CIA whose fate is still unknown," said Joanne Mariner, terrorism and counterterrorism director at Human Rights Watch. "The question is, what happened to these people and where are they now?"

The network of prisons—believed to be spread around Afghanistan and Eastern Europe—was first revealed in a series of Washington Post articles in November 2005. During a televised speech last September, the president acknowledged the existence of the program. Bush said the prisons contained a "small number of terrorist leaders and operatives." The president said interrogation procedures were vetted by the Department of Justice and said the "procedures were tough and they were safe, and lawful and necessary."

Human Rights Watch said it was concerned that some prisoners may have been transferred to foreign facilities—where they continue under CIA control—or transferred to other countries where they face torture.

"The Bush administration needs to provide a full accounting of everyone who was 'disappeared' into CIA prisons, including their names, locations and when they left U.S. custody," Mariner said.

Human Rights Watch also released a 50-page report that includes an interview with Marwan Jabour, a Palestinian held for two years in one of the prisons.

Jabour said he was arrested in May 2004 in Pakistan and held for a month in a secret detention facility in Islamabad, the country's capital.

He said he was then flown to what he believes was Afghanistan, where he endured torture, sleep deprivation, and was shackled naked to a wall.

Jabour said his American interrogators threatened to put him in a "dog box," a 3-foot-by-3-foot wooden box.

"They said that KSM [suspected terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed] had spent some time in the dog box and then he talked. They kept threatening me: 'We could do this to you.'"

As another form of punishment, Jabour said, interrogators would often shackle his hands to his ankles and then to the floor, leaving him in that position for a half hour to an hour.

"At times it was difficult to breathe," he said.

Jabour said he was told he was being released on July 30, 2006. Flown to Jordan, he was eventually transferred to Israel and then reunited with his family.

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Anonymous said...

When will the people of America wake up
concentration camps on US soil ss thugs in black uniforms and
secret jails of torture in hell
from Bush back to taft nothing but corruption and graft
I fear the only time America will wake up is when the country is broken and they are left to walk the streets aimlessly and without hope country or freedom
8 trillion usd leverages 200 trillion usd on papper
FED ppt prints usd in secrecy and throws it at the market in vain
each and every American and illegal imigrant owes 180,000 in national debt
factor in regional debt and personal debt and the Bernays bubble is about to pop
then the American people will act they will gnash their teeth and lurch from crisis to crisis while their founding fathers curse them in their nightmare that they call the AMerican dream
there is no more pathetic an existance than of those that can not or will not meet reality head on
as their leaders stagger drunk on power and arrogance
they have not learned their lesson taught to them by the founding fathers that the mighty british lost the war with AMerica not because they were not a superior nation but because like the AMerican people are now they
were drunk with arrogance and power and over extended their capabilities SO too I am afraid they will attack the Democratic country of Iran and thus over extend themselves
And then it will be to the rest of the world that lies the unenviable task to yet again put down another hitlerien empire bent on world dominace
that the last remnants of the second world war that still lives must be apart of this is an insult to them and their comrades that died in a foriegn land to protect freedom while Bush's grnadfather
traded with the nazis
America you have let your leaders level your indutrial back bone to fill their slush funds with foriegn money
what is left is the industrial war complex that ike warned you about
now it seems that your industrial war complex being your industrial back bone AMerica will never live in peace untill it has been conquered by the barbarians
Perhaps then America will come to be a humble nation and receive the blessings of our makeruntill then there will never be peace for AMerica your leaders have systematicaly killed the worlds auto capitol and the steel mills that turned the second world war into a rout lies in ruin
America has turned itself into desolation row