Tuesday, September 05, 2006


"The British Ulster Alliance Flute Band are proud to confirm that we will be taking part in this years parade around the White City Estate," announces their website. The British Ulster Alliance, a group formed in October 1999 by what was described as 'loyalists, patriots and British nationalists on the mainland,'is actually nothing more than a fascist front often featured on various nazi like websites. Just what's needed in Northern Ireland, eh.

The statment below comes from a friend in Northern Ireland.

For Immediate Release : 5 September, 2006

Sinn Féin Assembly member for North Antrim Philip McGuigan has demanded that the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) give the public an explanation for one of their recently formed 'Kick the Pope' flute bands being listed to appear alongside a right wing neo nazi organisation, the British Ulster Alliance, at a loyalist parade planned for the Whitewell area of North Belfast.

Mr McGuigan said:

"Since the formation of two 'Kick the Pope' flute bands bearing the DUP name and logo, one in South Down the other in Upper Bann, the DUP leadership have consistently refused to answer questions as to exactly why a political party sees the need to sponsor such organisations. Both bands have regularly appeared on contentious parades across the six counties alongside bands carrying UDA and UVF flags.

"Now it has emerged that the South Down DUP band is listed to appear alongside an organisation called the British Ulster Alliance at a loyalist parade in the Whitewell area of North Belfast in the coming weeks. This area has recently seen a marked increase in sectarian attacks on Catholic homes including a recent attempt to murder a 12 week old baby in an arson attack.

"The British Ulster Alliance has been widely reported in the media over recent years as being a right wing neo nazi type grouping. The British Ulster Alliance describe themselves as 'anti-Peace Process' and comprised of 'loyalists, patriots and British Nationalists'. The DUP leadership owe people an explanation. If the DUP are serious about nationalists and republicans entering into a power sharing arrangement with them then they need to tell us what are their links to right wing groupings like this and what action they intend to take regarding their bands appearance alongside right wing neo nazi organisations." ENDS

N.B. The British Ulster Alliance have been reported as being a fascist group by both Searchlight and Anti-Fascist Action

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Anonymous said...

get your facts right ok, u lefty scumbags!!
i for one am not a 'neo nazi' but support the ulster freedom fighters 100% i go thr evry year for the july marches, thr part of britain and should be counted as one of our concerns. instead wer too fukin busy lookin after 3rd world countries such as romania and africa, pah please!! u all deserve lynching from a tree!!!