Friday, April 21, 2006


I really cannnot imagine what it must be like to live in Iraq today. How does one just go about their daily life. But God bless George Bush the Liberator...

The following is taken from Azzman (Iraq).

More than 19,000 kidnappings in three months – rights groups
By Nidhal al-Mawsawi

More than 15,000 Iraqis were abducted in the first three months of this a year, a statement signed by several Iraqi civil and rights groups said.

The statement said nearly 7,000 families were forced to leave their dwellings and residential quarters as part of the violence linked to sectarian cleansing.

The groups have representatives in each of the countries 18 provinces and the statement described the figures as “conservative.”

“The figures we have arrived at do not represent the real situation. They are less than what actually takes place as our monitors sometimes find it extremely difficult to report due to escalating violence,” the statement said.

It said the fate of all those registered as abducted was not known.

“Among those kidnapped were 2,355 children and 4,959 women,” it said.

The statement said the monitors registered 3,457 “violent acts” across the country in the same period, with 886 of them in Baghdad.

It said the presence of armed militias of various factions were the main reason for the mounting violence.

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