Saturday, April 08, 2006


As you know the struggle for democracy in Nepal has intensified again during the past few days. A general strike has received widespread popular support as rumors swirl that the King has issued shoot to kill orders.

Nepal's seven main political parties have joined with Maoist insurgents to call for a four-day nationwide strike from Thursday and a day of protest on Saturday, April 8, the day multi-party democracy was established 16 years ago in the Himalayan nation. The government of King Gyanendra has banned rallies in Kathmandu, the center of the campaign, and vowed to crush any protests.

The following comes from the blog Lokatantra (Lokatantra means democracy. This is a trilingual - English, Nepali and Japanese - blog dedicated to the aspiration of Nepali people for a lasting peace and an inclusive democracy).

Royal regime killed two more peaceful demonstrators

Nepal Solidarity Update 3, April 8, 2006

Pokhara - As the general strikes called by the Seven Political Party Alliance enters into third day, the royal regime is further intensifying its brutal attack to the peaceful demonstrators. This morning, one more pro-democracy activist was shot dead by the Royal Nepal Army in Pokhara (200 km west of Kathmandu). Bhimsen Dahal, 32 year old and a member of CPN (UML), was killed by the security personnel while he was taking part in the peaceful demonstration this morning. The military bullets killed Mr. Dahal at the spot and seriously injured six other demonstrators including Gangadhar Baral and it is reported that their conditions are serious. The shooting in Pokhara was taken place when king Gyanendra himself was in Pokhara.

Chitawan - a large demonstration was carried out in Bharatpur, Chitawan where security personnel indiscriminately opened fire and killed a women demonstrator and injured many. It is reported that around 100,000 people participated the protest march (it is reported that it was one of the largest demonstrations in these weeks) in Bharatpur which also broke the security obstacles in various places. When the marchers were reached at the main chowk, the security personnel opened fire without warning and brutally killed a women activist.

Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur - Defying the curfew order imposed by the royal regime in Kathmandu, a demonstration was held in Kalanki Kathmandu and Modanath Prashrit and Dr. Pushpa Kandel of CPN (UML) and one member of Nepali Congress were arrested from the demonstration. Similarly, demonstration was also carried out in Maitidevi where security personnel open fire and injured 55 demonstrators. Among the injured 15 were arrested from Maitidevi including Tanka Paneru. At Chabahil – Chuchhepati another demonstration was held and police used teargas and lathi to disperse the march and arrested Mr. Ram Babu three others. At Gangabu area large demonstration was carried out and police opened fire and arrested Ashok Ghimire, Nireshlal Singh, Ms Devi Phuyal and Prem Silwal. ANNFSU – one of the largest students organization of Nepal organized a demonstration at Bagbazaar to defy the curfew order this morning. 10 students leaders including president Khimlal Bhattarai, General Secretary Thakur Gaire, Secretary Yagya Sunwar, Secretary were arrested from the demonstration. Meanwhile, people of Patan today again chased away the security personnel from the inner city area and held demonstrations at Magnal Bazaar defying the curfew order. In Bhaktapur also demonstration is being organized challenging the government's curfew order.

Dailekh - Demonstration was also held in Dailekh where clashes occurred with the security personnel and 42 demonstrators were arrested.

Surkhet - Protest march was also carried out in Surkhet and clashes occurred where Distirict administration imposed curfew after the clashes.

Janakpur – Over 15000 thousand people took part in the protest marchin Janakpur where the marchers forced the security forces to retreat from their barricades in the city.

Nepalgunj - Thousands of people joined the protest rally in Nepalgunj defying the security restrictions.

Sunsari – Protest marches are also carrying out in Dharan this afternoon.

Jhapa – Demonstrations are being carried out in Damak, Birtamod, Chandragadhi and Dhulabari. In Dhamak demonstrations over 12 thousand people marched in the main city and broke the security barricades.

To mark the historic day (April – 8 democracy day), protest programs were also organized in Kavre, Parbat, Kailali, Kanchanpur, Hetauda and many other districts. Over thousand participants were arrested from those demonstrations.

Call for defy curfew: Meanwhile two parties – CPN (UML) and Nepali Congress of Seven Party Alliance have issued separate statements urging people to actively participate the protest march defying all the restrictions including the curfew order.