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Ah, I remember way back when when at the University of Kansas we were busy with military recruiters. One action, I recall, was of the yippie type guerilla theater kind. It was fun, made a statement, messed up any attempt at recruiting, and certainly confused the recruters. That was the late 60s. An article on FBI surveillance I ran across recently references the action. It states:

"In a memo from Nov. 1, 1968, the FBI instructed its Kansas City field office "to conduct a discreet investigation concerning the People's Voice..." What resulted were more than 200 pages of surveillance on the organization and an affiliated group, Students for a Democratic Society. Another government memo called for cases to be opened on listed individuals — whose names are blacked out — who attended SDS meetings.

Several members of People's Voice and SDS also were involved with the Tautological Society, which has an FBI file of its own. There, Berkowitz (ed. note: that would be my friend Bill, whose writings I sometimes post here) is referenced in a University Daily Kansan story ("Union Scene of Battle," 2/10/69) on the Society's protest of U.S. Marine recruitment at the Kansas Union.

The story, clipped and mounted to an FBI form, describes Berkowitz as conducting "revolutionary theater":

"Berkowitz, campus hippie-in-residence, spieled, 'Be a leader of men! Be a lady Marine.' Berkowitz hawked Marine newsletters, claiming they were the latest from the underground press."

By the way I talked to Bill about that "campus hippie-in-residence" credo lately. He got a good laugh.

Those were the days!

The action described below took place yesterday.

The following is a release from Students Against War.

Students Kick Military Recruiters Off UC Santa Cruz

Submitted by studentsagainstwar on Tue, 04/11/2006 - 1:37pm.
April 11, 2006

CONTACT: Students Against War’s ad-hoc press team:
Sam Aranke - 714-458-2471 -
David Zlutnick – 805-698-6228 -
Janine Carmona - 707-496-3530 -

Students Kick Military Recruiters Off UC Santa Cruz
Military Prevented from Recruiting for Third Straight Job Fair

SANTA CRUZ, CA – It’s been over a year and a half since the military has been able to effectively recruit on this UC campus as all their attempts have been met by mass student actions. Today, in spite of the pouring rain and administrative attempts to stifle students’ free speech, Students Against War (SAW) organized over 150 students to march from the center of campus to the job fair, where they nonviolently prevented access to military recruiters through sit-ins and other measures. After about an hour and a half of negotiations and students’ refusal to back down, military recruiters left the job fair.

The students’ first victory appeared early in the day, as administrators separated military recruiters from other employers, allowing the protesters to block access to the military, while the remainder of the job fair continued. This separation was the only one of SAW’s proposals for protecting free speech to be adopted by administrators, who still banned media from the event.

The successful protest was also significant in light of the fact that University administrators hired, at great cost to the school, a number of police from other UC campuses. These police, local officers, and a top local official, physically assaulted multiple students without provocation and repeatedly refused to provide identification when requested. Students were pushed, punched, choked, and a student’s hand was slammed in a door. One student, acting as a legal observer, was pushed and arrested for documenting police surveillance, but was released after an immediate display of student support. The student may face charges in the future, which SAW intends to vehemently resist. In the face of administrative and police repression the students remained remarkably peaceful.

The action stressed the importance of connecting the complexities of the “War on Terror,” continued military occupations, and government neglect of communities at home. Students also emphasized solidarity with labor struggles, immigrants’ rights, the fight against the privatization of education, and numerous other movements. In order to directly highlight the sexism inherent in the military, a group of female students directly confronted the recruiters. This was a result of consistent student-initiated negotiations with administrators. The action proved to be a key moment, as military recruiters left quickly after the women entered.

In response to the victory, SAW member Sam Aranke responded, “Our demonstration today is a clear example of how tangible success can be when we take strategic actions against the war at a local level. It’s not just about the action today, it’s about creating sustained movements that directly resist the militarization of our communities.”


Anonymous said...

what are you doing posting the personal information of these folks? Malkin gets skewered yet no one hammers you?

Anonymous said...

"Malkin gets skewered yet no one hammers you?"

No one cares about him. He's a warmed over fart from the 60's.


Anonymous said...

The military makes men out of boys. Bring back the draft.

Shaun Landry said...

Good goddamn god.

Has the idea of media releases gone to the wayside on blogs?

Not for *me*, dumbass

You never *EVER* post the top part of a media release without the writers consent. That was *for you* Apparently, the only reason you have a blog was because you got kicked out of journalism class.

Take down these people's personal emails and phone numbers. Stop being insane.

Shaun Landry

Anonymous said...

People want to fight the military? Let them fight in the light and not the shadows. I could give a rats ass about your "journalistic" etiquette. Etiquette would tell the students that all people have a right to be present on campus. Military or otherwise. You don't want to join...don't friggin' talk to them. How elementary is that?

Shaun Landry said...

Hey guess what dumb ass Anonymous. at 12:53 my time?


That is for the fucking media. Not you. Not me.


And this is for FUCKING ANYONE. Conservative, Liberal, part of the Clan...Part of Greenpeacce and part of The American Federation of Stopping Dumbasses from Posting Anonymous on Blogs.

Because people are fucking crazy. Hardcore nuts in this country.

Death Threats to ANYONE aint cool.

And when you got this dumb ass blog and that other chicks dumb ass blog on line giving out personal phone numbers?

When the other chick has to post on her damn site "I do not condone DEATH THREATS"

Yeah. There is not only called "Ettiquette"

...It is called Journalist INTERGRITY. You know what? Screw that too.

Do you see this blog or her blog with her personal phone number on it?

I don't give a shit if I disagree with an opinion. I do care that the art of having a different opinion is not a gone fucking horribly awry with this sort of low ass scum trailing crap.

But I'm battling someone who knows deep in their heart that I'm right.

Because, you posted on this site as Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Well it was a PUBLIC SAW press release.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that the spirit of protest against the war machine is alive and well on the a alum from the 80's good work.

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Michelle Malkin

If you need a doctor, visit Michelle's Dad.

Dr. Apolo Maglalang
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Or is it

Michelle Malkin
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WickedSKS said...

Today, in spite of the pouring rain and administrative attempts to stifle students’ free speech, Students Against War (SAW) organized over 150 students to march from the center of campus to the job fair, where they managed to infringe upon the military recruiter's free speech.