Thursday, June 02, 2005

Jailed Bulgarian Nurses Have Something to Say

Those never say die Bulgarian nurses aren’t letting anybody off the hook just yet.

The nurses are calling the Bulgarian government to report regularly on their steps to aid Libya's HIV-infected children. Bulgaria which completely supports the nurses’ pleas of innocence had committed itself in the past to aiding the families of the infected children. The Sofia News Agency reports the nurses have told Dr. Zdravko Georgiev, who was also on trial in Libya and was freed from jail last May, that their government should give, “...a weekly account on the specific steps taken to help the patients.” The nurses want this account to be made public to the people of Bulgaria. Dr. Georgiev met with the nurses in a Tripoli prison. Focus One News reports, “Christiana Valcheva, one of the nurses, said that children infected with the AIDS virus should get adequate help. According to her the outcome of the case will depend on that how the engagements on humanitarian plan will be fulfilled.” Valcheya is quoted as saying, “Our opinion is firm – the children should be rendered help as much as possible because this is really a tragedy. It is awful!”

Meanwhile, the Libyan government promise of improved prison conditions has not been fulfilled.

Wondering what Khadafi thinks this is all about. Can you guess? He says the imprisoned healthcare workers were taking orders from the CIA and the Mossad to kill Libyan children in order to destabilize his country. Sources: Focus One News (Bulgaria), BNN, Sofia News Agency,Medical News Today